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closedAccess13-Dec-2019A Flexible Cyberinfrastructure for Integrating Data from Large-scale Ocean Observing Systems and Delivering Online Added-value ServicesRodero, Iván; Bardají, Raúl  ; Chiappini, Stefano; Piera, Jaume  ; Briand, Dominique; Radulescu, Raluca; González, Javier; Sotiropoulou, Maria; Relvas, Paulo; Carval, Thierry; Snaith, Helen; Fratianni, Claudia; Libes, Maurice; Martínez, Enoc; Thomas, Rob; Favali, Paolo; Dañobeitia, Juan José  comunicación de congreso
closedAccess28-Oct-2014A spatio-temporal analysis with Kduino data, a DIY citizen science instrumentBardají, Raúl  ; Simon, Carine  ; Zafra, Eloy ; Piera, Jaume  póster de congreso
closedAccess12-May-2015Advances with the KdUINO, the low-cost buoy to measure the attenuation coefficientBardají, Raúl  ; Simon, Carine  ; Sánchez, Albert-Miquel ; Wernand, Marcel; Piera, Jaume  comunicación de congreso
closedAccess27-Oct-2014Bio-optical monitoring of the phytoplankton community structure at the semi-encolosed Alfacs Bay (NW Mediterranean)Torrecilla, Elena  ; Ramírez-Pérez, Marta ; Bracher, A.; Gonçalves, Rafael; Wiegmann, Sonja; Zafra, Eloy ; Bardají, Raúl  ; Sánchez, Albert-Miquel ; Piera, Jaume  póster de congreso
closedAccess16-Dec-2013Bio-optical monitoring of the semi-enclosed Alfacs Bay (NW Mediterranean): A multiscale characterization and new Citizens‘ observatoriesTorrecilla, Elena  ; Piera, Jaume  ; Bracher, A.; Bardají, Raúl  ; Ramírez-Pérez, Marta ; Wiegmann, Sonja; Gonçalves, Rafael; Zafra, Eloy comunicación de congreso
openAccessSimon_et_al_2014.pdf.jpg2014Citclops. Citizens' observatory for coast and ocean optical monitoringSimon, Carine  ; Bardají, Raúl  ; Piera, Jaume  ; Citclops teamcomunicación de congreso
openAccessCeccaroni_et_al_2020.pdf.jpgMar-2020Citclops: A next-generation sensor system for the monitoring of natural waters and a citizens' observatory for the assessment of ecosystems’ statusCeccaroni, Luigi; Piera, Jaume  ; Wernand, Marcel; Zielinski, Oliver; Busch, Julia A.; Woerd, Hendrik J. van der; Bardají, Raúl  ; Friedrichs, Anna; Novoa, Stéfani; Thijsse, Peter; Velickovski, Filip; Blaas, Meinte; Dubsky, Karinartículo
openAccessBusch_et_al_2016.pdf.jpgNov-2016Citizen Bio-Optical Observations from Coast- and Ocean and Their Compatibility with Ocean Colour Satellite MeasurementsBusch, Julia A.; Bardají, Raúl  ; Ceccaroni, Luigi; Friedrichs, Anna; Piera, Jaume  ; Simon, Carine  ; Thijsse, Peter; Wernand, Marcel; Woerd, Hendrik J. van der; Zielinski, Oliverartículo
closedAccess16-Apr-2015Citizen science and Do-It-Together techniques to estimate the quality of seawaterSimon, Carine  ; Bardají, Raúl  trabajo de divulgación
closedAccess16-Nov-2014Citizen science and do-it-yourself technologies: a new way to observe coastal environmentsPiera, Jaume  ; Bardají, Raúl  ; Simon, Carine  ; Ceccaroni, Luigi; Citclops Consortiumcomunicación de congreso
openAccessBardaji_et_al_2017_postprint.pdf.jpgFeb-2017Citizen Science in High-Latitude Ecosystems : KdUINO Buoy to Support Data Gathering in Extreme EnvironmentsBardají, Raúl  ; Best, Mairi M.R.; Piera, Jaume  trabajo de divulgación
closedAccess3-Feb-2017Citizens observatories as innovative learning environments: opportunities to broad citizen participation in environmental monitoringPiera, Jaume  ; Mominó, Josep M.; Jurado, Elena ; Bardají, Raúl  ; Ceccaroni, Luigi; Cezón, Katia; Villaverde, Cristina; Claramunt, Bernatcomunicación de congreso
closedAccess19-May-2016Citizens’ Observatories in coastal environments: using innovative technologies (DIY instruments and data sonification) for engaging volunteersBardají, Raúl  ; Piera, Jaume  ; Simon, Carine  ; Ceccaroni, Luigi; Eznarriaga, Lucas; Tejeda, A.; Velickovski, Filip; Steblin, Alexander; Pous, Marcpóster de congreso
openAccessBardaji_et_al_2014_poster.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2014Comparing water transparency measurements obtained with low-cost citizens science instruments and high-quality oceanographic instrumentsBardají, Raúl  ; Zafra, Eloy ; Simon, Carine  ; Piera, Jaume  póster de congreso
closedAccess7-Apr-2014Comparing water transparency measurements obtained with low-cost citizens science instruments and high-quality oceanographic instrumentsBardají, Raúl  ; Zafra, Eloy ; Simon, Carine  ; Piera, Jaume  capítulo de libro
openAccessGarcia_et_al_2016.pdf.jpgOct-2016Data acquisition system development for EGIM on EMSODEV EU ProjectGarcia, O. ; Dañobeitia, Juan José  ; Sorribas, Jordi ; Casas, Raquel ; Piera, Jaume  ; Bartolomé, Rafael  ; Bardají, Raúl  ; Nogueras, Marccomunicación de congreso
closedAccess27-Nov-2017Deployment of an array of geodetic-quality GPS ice-drifting buoys in the Arctic OceanSánchez, Oriol ; Elosegui, Pedro ; Portabella, Marcos  ; Bardají, Raúl  ; Rodríguez Arias, Miquel Àngel comunicación de congreso
closedAccess19-May-2016Design of innovative learning environments in the context of developing a Citizen ObservatoryPiera, Jaume  ; Mominó, Josep M.; Jurado, Elena ; Simon, Carine  ; Bardají, Raúl  póster de congreso
openAccessBardaji_et_al_2016.pdf.jpgMar-2016Estimating the Underwater Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient with a Low-Cost Instrument: The KdUINO DIY BuoyBardají, Raúl  ; Sánchez, Albert-Miquel ; Simon, Carine  ; Wernand, Marcel; Piera, Jaume  artículo
closedAccess11-Oct-2013Estimating underwater light diffuse attenuation with low-­cost devices: Optimal sensor configuration analysis using radiative transfer modelsBardají, Raúl  ; Zafra, Eloy ; Piera, Jaume  comunicación de congreso