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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccessdoc1.pdf.jpg20013D collision detection: a surveyJiménez Schlegl, Pablo ; Thomas, Federico  ; Torras, Carme  artículo
openAccessA bilinear formulation.pdf.jpg2013A bilinear formulation for the motion planning of non-holonomic parallel orienting platformsGrosch, Patrick ; Thomas, Federico  comunicación de congreso
openAccessdoc1.pdf.jpg2003A branch-and-prune algorithm for solving systems of distance constraintsPorta, Josep M.  ; Thomas, Federico  ; Ros, Lluís  ; Torras, Carme  comunicación de congreso
openAccessA branch-and-prune.pdf.jpg2005A branch-and-prune solver for distance constraintsPorta, Josep M.  ; Ros, Lluís  ; Thomas, Federico  ; Torras, Carme  artículo
openAccessdoc1.pdf.jpg2000A concise Bézier-clipping technique for solving inverse kinematics problemsBombín Masià, Carlos; Ros, Lluís  ; Thomas, Federico  comunicación de congreso
openAccess2011A coordinate-free approach to tracing the coupler curves of pin-jointed linkagesRojas, Nicolás ; Thomas, Federico  comunicación de congreso
openAccessdistance3Robot.pdf.jpg2016A distance geometry approach to the singularity analysis of 3R robotsThomas, Federico  artículo
openAccessA Distance-Based.pdf.jpgSep-2010A Distance-Based Formulation of the Octahedral Manipulator KinematicsRojas, Nicolás ; Borràs, Julia ; Thomas, Federico  comunicación de congreso
openAccessA family of quadratically.pdf.jpgMay-2010A family of quadratically-solvable 5-SP̲U parallel robotsBorràs, Julia ; Thomas, Federico  ; Torras, Carme  comunicación de congreso
openAccess2019A fast branch-and-prune algorithm for the position analysis of spherical mechanismsShabani, Arya; Sarabandi, Soheil; Porta, Josep M.  ; Thomas, Federico  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1988A group-theoretic approach to the computation of symbolic part relationsThomas, Federico  ; Torras, Carme  artículo
openAccessdoc1.pdf.jpg1999A hybrid multimodel neural network for nonlinear systems identificationBaruch, Ieroham Solomon; Thomas, Federico  ; Garrido-Moctezuma, Rubén Alejandro; Gortcheva, Elena A.comunicación de congreso
openAccessA linear relaxation technique.pdf.jpg2008A linear relaxation technique for the position analysis of multi-loop linkagesPorta, Josep M.  ; Ros, Lluís  ; Thomas, Federico  informe técnico
openAccessA linear relaxation.pdf.jpg2009A linear relaxation technique for the position analysis of multiloop linkagesPorta, Josep M.  ; Ros, Lluís  ; Thomas, Federico  artículo
openAccessA matrix-based approach.pdf.jpg2006A matrix-based approach to the image moment problemMartínez Bauza, Judit; Porta, Josep M.  ; Thomas, Federico  artículo
openAccessdoc1.pdf.jpg1999A neuro-fuzzy model for nonlinear plants identificationBaruch, Ieroham Solomon; Gortcheva, Elena A.; Thomas, Federico  ; Garrido-Moctezuma, Rubén Alejandrocomunicación de congreso
openAccessA nonholonomic 3-DOF.pdf.jpg2008A nonholonomic 3-DOF parallel robotThomas, Federico  ; Ben-Horin, Patriciacomunicación de congreso
openAccessOne-Motor Full-Mobility.pdf.jpg2010A One-Motor Full-Mobility 6-PUS ManipulatorGrosch, Patrick ; Gregorio, Raffaele di; Thomas, Federico  comunicación de congreso
openAccessA projectively invariant.pdf.jpg2002A projectively invariant intersection test for polyhedraThomas, Federico  ; Torras, Carme  artículo
openAccessreconfigurable 5-DoF.pdf.jpg2009A reconfigurable 5-DoF 5-SPU parallel platformBorràs, Julia ; Thomas, Federico  ; Ottaviano, Erika; Ceccarelli, Marcocomunicación de congreso