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openAccessGymnodinium litoralis ms.pdf.jpg2011Gymnodinium litoralis sp. nov. (Dinophyceae), a newly identified bloom-forming dinoflagellate from the NW Mediterranean SeaReñé, Albert  ; Satta, Cecilia Teodora; Garcés, Esther  ; Massana, Ramon  ; Zapata, Manuel ; Anglès, Silvia ; Camp, Jordi  artículo
closedAccessMay-2011Harmful algal blooms (HABs), dissolved organic matter (DOM), and planktonic microbial community dynamics at a near-shore and a harbour station influenced by upwelling (SW Iberian Peninsula)Loureiro, Sofía ; Reñé, Albert  ; Garcés, Esther  ; Camp, Jordi  ; Vaqué, Dolors  artículo
closedAccessApr-2012Life-cycle alternations in Alexandrium minutum natural populations from the NW Mediterranean SeaAnglès, Silvia ; Garcés, Esther  ; Reñé, Albert  ; Sampedro, Nagore artículo
closedAccess2012Management of Ostreopsis blooms in recreational waters along the Catalan coast (NW Mediterranean Sea): cooperation between a research project and a monitoring programVila, Magda  ; Arin, Laura  ; Reñé, Albert  ; Riobó, Pilar ; Sala, M. Montserrat  ; Camp, Jordi  ; Franco, José M. artículo
closedAccessJul-2010Monitoring toxic microalgae Ostreopsis (dinoflagellate) species in coastal waters of the Mediterranean Sea using molecular PCR-based assay combined with light microscopyBattocchi, Cecilia; Totti, Cecilia; Vila, Magda  ; Masó, Mercedes ; Capellacci, Samuela; Accoroni, Stefano; Reñé, Albert  ; Scardi, Michele; Penna, Antonellaartículo
openAccessGarces_et_al_2007.pdf.jpg19-Jan-2007Natural bacterioplankton assemblage composition during blooms of Alexandrium spp. (Dinophyceae) in NW Mediterranean coastal watersGarcés, Esther  ; Vila, Magda  ; Reñé, Albert  ; Alonso-Sáez, Laura ; Anglès, Silvia ; Lugliè, Antonella; Masó, Mercedes ; Gasol, Josep M.  artículo
openAccessBasterretxea_et_al_2011.pdf.jpgFeb-2011Seiches stimulate transient biogeochemical changes in a microtidal coastal ecosystemBasterretxea, Gotzon ; Jordi, Antoni ; Garcés, Esther  ; Anglès, Silvia ; Reñé, Albert  artículo
openAccessMangialajo_et_al_2011.pdf.jpgMar-2011Trends in Ostreopsis proliferation along the Northern Mediterranean coastsMangialajo, L.; Masó, Mercedes ; Reñé, Albert  ; Sala, M. Montserrat  ; Vila, Magda  artículo