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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
closedAccess2010A Database on Submarine Landslides of the Mediterranean SeaCamerlenghi, Angelo; Urgeles, Roger  ; Fantoni, L.Comunicación de congreso
openAccessUrgeles_et_al_2011.pdf.jpgMar-2011A review of undulated sediment features on Mediterranean prodeltas: distinguishing sediment transport structures from sediment deformationUrgeles, Roger  ; Cattaneo, Antonio; Puig, Pere  ; Liquete, Camino; De Mol, Ben ; Amblas, David; Sultan, Nabil; Trincardi, FabioArtículo
closedAccessFeb-2011Active faulting and slope failure in the Iberian margins: towards offshore geohazard mitigationSallarès, Valentí  ; Gràcia, Eulàlia  ; Urgeles, Roger  Comunicación de congreso
closedAccess17-Sep-2013Arctic Marine Geosciences: Emerging science objectives and challengesUrgeles, Roger  Comunicación de congreso
closedAccess19-Sep-2013Arctic Marine Geosciences: Over the horizonUrgeles, Roger  Comunicación de congreso
closedAccess2012Distinguishing Sediment Bedforms from Sediment Deformation in Prodeltas of the Mediterranean SeaUrgeles, Roger  ; Cattaneo, Antonio; Puig, Pere  ; Liquete, Camino; De Mol, Ben ; Sultan, Nabil; Trincardi, FabioComunicación de congreso
closedAccess5-Aug-2014Drilling glacial deposits in offshore polar regionsHanebuth, T.; Rebesco, Michele; Urgeles, Roger  ; Lucchi, Renata G.; Freudenthal, TimArtículo
closedAccessSep-2013Erosion of the Mediterranean margins during the Messinian drawdown Modeling towards a better mechanistic understandingGarcía-Castellanos, Daniel  ; Lofi, J.; Babault, J.; Urgeles, Roger  Comunicación de congreso
closedAccess2012Fluid flow focusing in passive continental margins: Significance to submarine slope instabilityUrgeles, Roger  Comunicación de congreso
closedAccess11-Mar-2012Fluid flow patterns and submarine slope instability of glaciated continental margin (Storfjorden, NW Barents Sea). Constrains from permeability and compressibility testsLlopart, Jaume ; Urgeles, Roger  ; Camerlenghi, Angelo; De Mol, Ben ; Lucchi, Renata G.; Pedrosa, M.T.; Rebesco, MichelePóster
closedAccess24-Apr-2012Fluid Flow Patterns and Submarine Slope Instability of Glaciated Continental Margin (Storfjorden, NW Barents Sea). Constrains from Permeability and Compressibility TestsLlopart, Jaume ; Urgeles, Roger  ; Camerlenghi, Angelo; De Mol, Ben ; Lucchi, Renata G.; Pedrosa, M.T.; Rebesco, MichelePóster
closedAccess23-Sep-2013Geohazard from submarine landslides in the Mediterranean Sea: a basin approachUrgeles, Roger  ; Camerlenghi, AngeloPóster
closedAccess11-Mar-2012Glacigenic sediment dynamics and climatically controlled submarine landslides on the NW Barents Sea marginRebesco, Michele; Lucchi, Renata G.; Camerlenghi, Angelo; Urgeles, Roger  ; Accettella, Daniela; De Mol, Ben ; Sauli, Chiara; Pedrosa, M.T.; Madrussani, Gianni; Llopart, Jaume Póster
openAccessRebesco_et_al_2014.pdf.jpg1-May-2014Grounding zone wedges, Kveithola Trough (NW Barents Sea)Rebesco, Michele; Urgeles, Roger  ; Llopart, Jaume ; Camerlenghi, AngeloPóster
1-Aug-2014Historical and pre-historical tsunamis in the Mediterranean and its connected seas: Geological signatures, generation mechanisms and coastal impactsPapadopoulos, Gerassimos; Gràcia, Eulàlia  ; Urgeles, Roger  ; Sallarès, Valentí  ; Papageorgiou, AntoniaArtículo
closedAccess22-Apr-2012History of an ice stream (Storfjorden, NW Barents Sea): Impacts on sedimentation, margin hydrogeology and slope failureUrgeles, Roger  ; Camerlenghi, Angelo; Llopart, Jaume ; Lucchi, Renata G.; Pedrosa, M.T.; Rebesco, Michele; De Mol, Ben Póster
closedAccess2010History of Pore Pressure Build Up and Slope Instability in Mud-Dominated Sediments of Ursa Basin, Gulf of Mexico Continental SlopeUrgeles, Roger  ; Locat, Jacques; Sawyer, Dale; Flemings, Peter B.; Dugan, B.; Binh, N.T.T.Comunicación de congreso
openAccessLocat_et_al_2012.pdf.jpg2012IGCP 511: Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences (2005-2009)Locat, Jacques; Mienert, Jürgen; Urgeles, Roger  Capítulo de libro
closedAccess2014Introduction: Landslides in Coastal and Submarine EnvironmentsStrasser, Michael; Jiang, Yonggang; Yamada, Yasuhiro; Urgeles, Roger  Comunicación de congreso
closedAccess11-Sep-2014Large sediment waves on the Gulf of Valencia continental margin (NW Mediterranean): internal structure and evolutionRibó, Marta ; Puig, Pere  ; Van Rooij, D.; Muñoz, Araceli; Urgeles, Roger  Comunicación de congreso