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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Anchoring and functionality profiling in single-molecule electronic junctionsFerrer, Jaime ; Ferradás, R. ; García-Suárez, Víctor M.  comunicación de congreso
openAccessCharge and spin.pdf.jpg2012Charge and spin transport properties of Mo2X2 (X = Fe,Co,Ni) molecular contactsGarcía-Fuente, Amador; García-Suárez, Víctor M.  ; Ferrer, Jaime ; Vega, Andrésartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Correlations between molecular structure and single-junction conductance: A case study with oligo(phenylene-ethynylene)-type wiresGarcía-Suárez, Víctor M.  artículo
openAccesse085308.pdf.jpg2010Current rectification in molecular junctions produced by local potential fieldsKostyrko, Tomasz; García-Suárez, Víctor M.  ; Lambert, Colin J.; Bułka, Bogdan R.artículo
openAccessdevelopmos2.pdf.jpg2017Development of spontaneous magnetism and half-metallicity in monolayer MoS2Rahman, Altaf Ur; Rahman, Gul; García-Suárez, Víctor M.  artículo
openAccessDistortioninducedphase.pdf.jpg2016Distortion induced magnetic phase transition in cubic BaFeO3Rahman, Gul; Morbec, Juliana M.; Ferradás, R. ; García-Suárez, Víctor M.  ; English, Niall J.artículo
openAccessdynamicarsene.pdf.jpg2019Dynamically stable topological phase of arseneneRahman, Gul; Mahmood, Asad; García-Suárez, Víctor M.  artículo
openAccessEffectswitch.pdf.jpg2018Effects of acceptor doping on a metalorganic switch: DFT: vs. model analysisŚlusarski, Tomasz; Kostyrko, Tomasz; García-Suárez, Víctor M.  artículo
openAccesse125447.pdf.jpg2010Effects of bonding type and interface geometry on coherent transport through the single-molecule magnet Mn12Park, Kyungwha; Barraza-López, Salvador; García-Suárez, Víctor M.  ; Ferrer, Jaime artículo
openAccessFirst-principles scheme for spectral.pdf.jpg2011First-principles scheme for spectral adjustment in nanoscale transportGarcía-Suárez, Víctor M.  ; Lambert, Colin J.artículo
openAccessFrom Microelectronics.pdf.jpg2009From microelectronics to molecular spintronics: An explorer's travelling guideFerrer, Jaime ; García-Suárez, Víctor M.  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015From toothpaste to topological insulators and materials for valleytronics: the journeys of fluorinated tinBarraza-López, Salvador; Rivero, Pablo; Yan, Jia-An; García-Suárez, Víctor M.  ; Ferrer, Jaime comunicación de congreso
openAccessGOLLUM.pdf.jpg2014GOLLUM: a next-generation simulation tool for electron, thermal and spin transportFerrer, Jaime ; Lambert, Colin J.; García-Suárez, Víctor M.  ; Manrique, D. Zs.; Ferradás, R. artículo
openAccessGraphene Nanopore.pdf.jpg2014Graphene sculpturene nanopores for DNA nucleobase sensingManrique, D. Zs.; Ferrer, Jaime ; García-Suárez, Víctor M.  ; Lambert, Colin J.artículo
openAccessImpact of edge.pdf.jpg2012Impact of edge shape on the functionalities of graphene-based single-molecule electronics devicesCarrascal, Diego ; García-Suárez, Víctor M.  ; Ferrer, Jaime artículo
openAccessFano and Breit-Wigner.pdf.jpg2013Impact of Fano and Breit-Wigner resonances in the thermoelectric properties of nanoscale junctionsGarcía-Suárez, Víctor M.  ; Ferradás, R. ; Ferrer, Jaime artículo
openAccess2011Implementing strong correlations in a first principles transport codeGarcía-Suárez, Víctor M.  ; Ferrer, Jaime comunicación de congreso
openAccessinsitujunction.pdf.jpg2019In-situ formation of one-dimensional coordination polymers in molecular junctionsVladyka, Anton; Perrin, Mickael L.; Overbeck, Jan; Ferradás, R. ; García-Suárez, Víctor M.  ; Gantenbein, Markus; Brunner, Jan; Mayor, Marcel; Ferrer, Jaime ; Calame, Michelartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Interference-induced rectification in molecular wiresGarcía-Suárez, Víctor M.  ; Ferrer, Jaime póster de congreso
openAccessIntrinsic magnetism.pdf.jpg2013Intrinsic magnetism in nanosheets of SnO 2: A first-principles studyRahman, Gul; García-Suárez, Víctor M.  ; Morbec, Juliana M.artículo