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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccessA_Turiel_et_al_2016.pdf.jpgSep-20162000 days of SMOS at the Barcelona Expert Centre: a tribute to the work of Jordi FontTuriel, Antonio  ; Piles, María ; González, Verónica ; Ballabrera-Poy, Joaquim  ; Gabarró, Carolina  ; Martínez, Justino  ; Olmedo, Estrella ; Portabella, Marcos  ; Pérez, Fernando ; Solé, Jordi  Artículo
closedAccess2018A new azimuth cut-off procedure to retrieve significant wave height under high wind regimesCorcione, Valeria; Grieco, G.; Portabella, Marcos  ; Nunziata, Ferdinando; Migliaccio, MaurizioComunicación de congreso
closedAccessJul-2012A New Method for Improving Scatterometer Wind Quality ControlPortabella, Marcos  ; Stoffelen, Ad; Verhoef, Anton; Verspeek, JeroenArtículo
openAccessFont_et_al_2012.pdf.jpgSep-2012A new space technology for ocean observation: the SMOS missionFont, Jordi ; Ballabrera-Poy, Joaquim  ; Emelianov, Mikhail  ; Gabarró, Carolina  ; González, Verónica ; Gourrion, Jérôme ; Guimbard, Sébastien ; Hoareau, Nina ; Julià Brugues, Agustí ; Martínez, Justino  ; Pérez, Fernando ; Portabella, Marcos  ; Salvador, Joaquín ; Turiel, Antonio  Artículo
openAccess24-Apr-2018A novel azimuth cut-off implementation to improve sea surface wind retrievals from SAR imagesPortabella, Marcos  ; Corcione, Valeria; Grieco, G.; Nunziata, Ferdinando; Migliaccio, MaurizioPresentación
closedAccessFeb-2019A Perspective on the Performance of the CFOSAT Rotating Fan-Beam ScatterometerLin, Wenming ; Dong, Xiao-long; Portabella, Marcos  ; Lang, Shuyan; He, Yijun; Yun, Risheng; Wang, Zhixiong; Xu, Xing-ou; Zhu, Di; Liu, JianqiangArtículo
openAccessKing_et_al_IOVWST_2016.pdf.jpg17-May-2016A strategy to quantify characteristics of updraft and downdraft events associated with oceanic Mesoscale Convective Systems using ASCAT winds and MSG rainKing, Gregory P. ; Lin, Wenming ; Portabella, Marcos  ; Stoffelen, Ad; Turiel, Antonio  ; Verhoef, AntonPresentación
closedAccess23-May-2017A wind geophysical model function for the TDS-1 GNSS-Reflectometry observationsLin, Wenming ; Portabella, Marcos  Comunicación de congreso
openAccessLin_Portabella_2017.pdf.jpg2-May-2017A wind geophysical model function for the TDS-1 GNSS-reflectometry observationsLin, Wenming ; Portabella, Marcos  Presentación
closedAccessAug-2015About the Optimal Grid for SMOS Level 1C and Level 2 ProductsTalone, Marco ; Portabella, Marcos  ; Martínez, Justino  ; González, Verónica Artículo
closedAccess17-Mar-2017Advances in SMOS SSS retrievals in marginal seas: limitations and capabilitiesOlmedo, Estrella ; Turiel, Antonio  ; Isern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; González, Verónica ; Ballabrera-Poy, Joaquim  ; Martínez, Justino  ; Portabella, Marcos  ; Robins, Lotem; Brook, AnnaComunicación de congreso
closedAccess20-May-2015An Improved 2DVAR Ambiguity Removal For ASCAT Wind InversionPortabella, Marcos  ; Lin, Wenming ; Vogelzang, J.; Stoffelen, Ad; Verhoef, AntonComunicación de congreso
openAccessPortabella_IOVWST_2015.pdf.jpg20-May-2015An Improved 2DVAR Ambiguity Removal For ASCAT Wind RetrievalLin, Wenming ; Portabella, Marcos  ; Vogelzang, J.; Stoffelen, Ad; Verhoef, AntonPresentación
closedAccessJul-2016An Improved Singularity Analysis for ASCAT Wind Quality Control: Application to Low WindsLin, Wenming ; Portabella, Marcos  ; Turiel, Antonio  ; Stoffelen, Ad; Verhoef, AntonArtículo
closedAccess17-May-2016An improved wind quality control for Ku-band scatterometersLin, Wenming ; Portabella, Marcos  ; Stoffelen, Ad; Verhoef, Anton; Lang, Shuyan; Lin, Mingsen; Zhang, YouguangComunicación de congreso
openAccessPortabella_et_al_2012.pdf.jpg18-Apr-2012Analysis of the ASCAT inversion residual for quality control and forward modelling improvementPortabella, Marcos  ; Stoffelen, Ad; Lin, Wenming ; Verhoef, Anton; Verspeek, JeroenInforme Técnico
closedAccessNov-2008Analysis of the ASCAT wind inversion residual: towards an improved C-band geophysical model functionPortabella, Marcos  ; Stoffelen, Ad; Belmonte, Maria; Verhoef, Anton; Verspeek, Jeroen; Vogelzang, J.Comunicación de congreso
closedAccess26-Jun-2017Analysis of the SAR-derived wind signature over extra-tropical storm conditionsPortabella, Marcos  ; Corcione, Valeria; Yang, Xiaofeng; Jelenak, Zorana; Chang, Paul; Grieco, G.; Mouche, Alexis Aurélien; Nunziata, Ferdinando; Lin, Wenming Comunicación de congreso
closedAccess18-Sep-2013Application of singularity analysis on ASCAT wind quality controlLin, Wenming ; Portabella, Marcos  ; Stoffelen, Ad; Verhoef, Anton; Turiel, Antonio  Comunicación de congreso
closedAccess12-Sep-2013Application of Singularity Analysis on ASCAT Wind Quality ControlPortabella, Marcos  ; Lin, Wenming ; Stoffelen, Ad; Verhoef, Anton; Turiel, Antonio  Póster