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closedAccessMay-2007Abiotic factors determining vegetation patterns in a semi-arid Mediterranean landscape: Different responses on gypsum and non-gypsum substratesPueyo, Yolanda  ; Alados, Concepción L.  artículo
openAccessIsabel C. Barrio_mrd-journal-2013.pdf.jpg2013Alpine Ecology in the Iberian Peninsula: What Do We Know, and What Do We Need to Learn?Barrio, Isabel C.; Palacio, Sara  ; García González, María Begoña  ; Gartzia, Maite  ; Alados, Concepción L.  ; Fillat, Federico artículo
closedAccessAug-2006An assessment of the differential sensitivity of four summer-deciduous chamaephytes to grazing and plant interactions using translational asymmetryAlados, Concepción L.  ; Giner, M. L.; Pueyo, Yolanda  artículo
openAccessNavarro_Architecture and functional traits_Candollea2009.pdf.jpg2009Architecture and functional traits of semi-arid shrub species in Cabo de Gata Natural Park, SE SpainNavarro, Teresa ; Pascual, Virginia; Cabezudo, B. ; Alados, Concepción L.  artículo
openAccess10.3989-Pirineos.2011.166003.pdf.jpg2011Assesment of wild boar rooting on ecological and pastoral values of alpine pyrenean grasslandsBueno, C. Guillermo ; Barrio, Isabel C.; García-González, Ricardo  ; Alados, Concepción L.  ; Gómez García, Daniel  artículo
openAccessSirkou_Assessment of grazing effects_JME2002.pdf.jpg2002Assessment of grazing effects on mediterranean shrubs Phillyrea latifolia L. and Cistus monspeliensis L. with developmental instability and fractal dimensionSirkou, D.; Alados, Concepción L.  ; Papanastasis, Vasilios P.; Vrahnakis, Mihalis; Iovi, K.; Giner, M. L.; Ispikoudis, I.artículo
openAccessPPG_Gartzia et al2014.pdf.jpg2014Assessment of the effects of biophysical and anthropogenic factors on woody plant encroachment in dense and sparse mountain grasslands based on remote sensing dataGartzia, Maite  ; Alados, Concepción L.  ; Pérez-Cabello, Fernandoartículo
openAccessStepPatt9.pdf.jpgJan-2006Association between competition and facilitation processes and vegetation spatial patterns in alpha steppesAlados, Concepción L.  ; Gotor, P.; Ballester, P.; Navas, D.; Escós, J. ; Navarro, Teresa ; Cabezudo, B. artículo
openAccesscappyr_v6.pdf.jpg3-Aug-2017Cabra montés – Capra pyrenaica Schinz, 1838Alados, Concepción L.  ; Escós, Juan; Salvador Milla, Alfredo  ; Cassinello, Jorge informe técnico
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpgDec-2004Change in plant spatial patterns and diversity along the successional gradient of Mediterranean grazing ecosystemsAlados, Concepción L.  ; El Aich, Ahmed; Papanastasis, Vasilios P.; Ozbek, Huseyin; Navarro, Teresa ; Freitas, Helena; Vrahnakis, Mihalis; Larrosi, Driss; Cabezudo, B. artículo
closedAccessJan-2006Changes in plant functional types in response to goat and sheep grazing in two semi-arid shrublands of SE SpainNavarro, Teresa ; Alados, Concepción L.  ; Cabezudo, B. artículo
openAccessAlados2012_PlosOne.pdf.jpg2012Changes in semi-arid plant species associations along a livestock grazing gradientSáiz Bustamante, Hugo ; Alados, Concepción L.  artículo
openAccessIJPS1999Alados.pdf.jpg1999Characterization of branch complexity by fractal analysesAlados, Concepción L.  ; Escós, J. ; Emlen, J. M.; Freeman, D. C.artículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpgMay-2004Complexity of behavioural sequences and their relation to stress conditions in chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus): a non-invasive technique to evaluate animal welfareMarı́a, G.A.; Escós, J. ; Alados, Concepción L.  artículo
closedAccessMar-2006Determinants of Land Degradation and Fragmentation in Semiarid Vegetation at Landscape ScalePueyo, Yolanda  ; Alados, Concepción L.  ; Barrantes, Olivia artículo
openAccessAlados_IJPS2002_Periploca.pdf.jpg2002Developmental Instability and Fitness in Periploca laevigata Experiencing Grazing DisturbanceAlados, Concepción L.  ; Giner, M. L.; Dehesa, Luisa ; Escós, J. ; Barroso, F. G.; Emlen, J. M.; Freeman, D. C.artículo
openAccessIJPS1999Freeman.pdf.jpg1999Developmental Instability as a Means of Assessing Stress in Plants: A Case Study Using Electromagnetic Fields and SoybeansFreeman, D. C.; Graham, John H.; Tracy, Mary; Emlen, J. M.; Alados, Concepción L.  artículo
openAccessNuche_Developmental instability as an index_Ecological.pdf.jpg2014Developmental instability as an index of adaptation to drought stress in a Mediterranean oakNuche, Paloma ; Komac, Benjamin ; Camarero, Jesús Julio  ; Alados, Concepción L.  artículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpgJan-1998Developmental instability in gynodioecious Teucrium lusitanicumAlados, Concepción L.  ; Navarro, Teresa ; Cabezudo, B. ; Emlen, J. M.; Freeman, D. C.artículo
openAccessAlados BJLS2009.pdf.jpgAug-2010Dispersal abilities and spatial patterns in fragmented landscapesAlados, Concepción L.  ; Navarro, Teresa ; Komac, Benjamin ; Pascual, Virginia; Rietkerk, Maxartículo