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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
closedAccessDec-2016A new species and new populations of the genus Agave L. for the alien flora of Catalonia (north-eastern Iberian Peninsula)Mesquida, Vanessa; López-Pujol, Jordi  ; Guillot Ortiz, Danielartículo
closedAccess2015Actualitzat el Catàleg de Flora Amenaçada de CatalunyaMassó, Sergi ; López-Pujol, Jordi  artículo
openAccess271-854-1-PB.pdf.jpg2018Are plant conservation and war compatible? The role of areas under dispute, military areas and military relics as nature reservesMassó, Sergi ; Blanché, Cèsar; Sáez, Llorenç; López-Pujol, Jordi  artículo
openAccessAssessing_Nualart-2017.pdf.jpg9-May-2017Assessing the relevance of herbarium collections as tools for conservation biologyNualart, Neus  ; Ibáñez Cortina, Neus  ; Soriano, Ignasi; López-Pujol, Jordi  artículo
closedAccess2011Biological invasions in rapidly urbanizing areas: a case study of Beijing, ChinaWang, Hua-Feng; López-Pujol, Jordi  ; Meyerson, Laura A.; Qiu, Jiang-Xiao; Wang, Xiao-Ke; Ouyang, Zhi-Yunartículo
closedAccess2015Caracterització biològica i citogenètica de la població retrobada de l'esperó de Bolòs (Delphinium bolosii) al Parc Natural de Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'ObacBlanché, Cèsar; Bosch Daniel, María; López-Pujol, Jordi  ; Massó, Sergi ; Simon, Joan; Rovira, Ana; Molero Briones, Juliáncapítulo de libro
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019Centaurea subsect. Phalolepis in Southern Italy: ongoing speciation or species overestimation? Genetic evidence based on SSRs analysesGarcia-Jacas, Núria  ; López-Pujol, Jordi  ; López-Vinyallonga, Sara ; Janaćković, Pedja; Susanna de la Serna, Alfonso  artículo
closedAccess2011Centres of plant endemism in China: places for survival or for speciation?López-Pujol, Jordi  ; Zhang, Fu-Min; Sun, Hai-Qin; Ying, Tsun-Shen; Ge, Songartículo
openAccessLópez-Pujol_03.pdf.jpg2004China: a rich flora needed of urgent conservationLópez-Pujol, Jordi  ; Zhao, A-Manartículo
openAccess177-178-1-PB.pdf.jpg2010China: home for the most endangered plants of the world?López-Pujol, Jordi  artículo
openAccessClonal-genetic-structure-iris-odaesanensis-iris-rosii-Lopez-Pujol-J2015.pdf.jpg2-Nov-2014Clonal and genetic structure of Iris odaesanensis and Iris rossii (Iridaceae): insights of the Baekdudaegan Mountains as a glacial refugium for boreal and temperate plantsChung, Mi Yoon; López-Pujol, Jordi  ; Lee, You M.; Oh, Seung H.; Chung, Myong Giartículo
closedAccess2014Comparative biogeography of the congener lilies Lilium distichum and Lilium tsingtauense in KoreaChung, Mi Yoon; López-Pujol, Jordi  ; Chung, Myong Giartículo
openAccessLilium_PLOS.pdf.jpg4-Jan-2018Comparison of genetic variation between northern and southern populations of Lilium cernuum (Liliaceae): Implications for Pleistocene refugiaChung, Mi Yoon; Vu, Son Hai; López-Pujol, Jordi  ; Herrando Moraira, Sonia ; Son, Sungwon; Suh, Gang Uk; Li, Hoa Thi Quynh; Chung, Myong Giartículo
openAccess23802359.2017.1422398.pdf.jpg2018Complete chloroplast genome sequence of Heritiera angustata (Malvaceae): an endangered plant speciesZhao, Kun-Kun; Wang, Jian-Hua; Cai, Ya-Cheng; Zhu, Zhi-Xin; López-Pujol, Jordi  ; Wang, Hua-Fengartículo
openAccesss41437-019-0186-2.pdf.jpg11-Feb-2019Complex population evolutionary history of four cold-tolerant Notopterygium herb species in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and adjacent areasLiu, Mi-Li; He, Yan-Ling; López-Pujol, Jordi  ; Jia, Yun; Li, Zhong-Huartículo
openAccessAquilegia paui.pdf.jpgApr-2011Conservation assessment of Aquilegia paui (Ranunculaceae): a case study of an extremely narrow endemic.Martinell Andreu, M. Carmen; López-Pujol, Jordi  ; Blanché, Cèsar; Molero Briones, Julián; Sáez, Llorençartículo
openAccessconservation_chinese_plant.pdf.jpgOct-2011Conservation of Chinese Plant Diversity: An OverviewLópez-Pujol, Jordi  ; Wang, Hua-Feng; Zhang, Zhi-Yongcapítulo de libro
closedAccess2014Contrasting levels of clonal and within-population genetic diversity between the 2 ecologically different herbs Polygonatum stenophyllum and Polygonatum inflatum (Liliaceae)Chung, Mi Yoon; López-Pujol, Jordi  ; Chung, Jae Min; Kim, Ki-Joong; Chung, Myong Giartículo
openAccessCrassula-ovata-a-new-alien-plant-for-mainland-China-Lopez-Pujol-Jordi-2015.pdf.jpg2015Crassula ovata, a new alien plant for mainland ChinaWang, Z. Q.; Guillot Ortiz, Daniel; López-Pujol, Jordi  artículo
closedAccess30-Dec-2016DCDB: an updated online database of chromosome numbers of tribe Delphinieae (Ranunculaceae)Bosch Daniel, María; Simon, Joan; López-Pujol, Jordi  ; Blanché, Cèsarartículo