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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccessregular_polygons_Estarellas.pdf.jpgJul-2015A scattering model of 1D quantum wire regular polygonsEstarellas, Cristian; Serra, Llorenç  artículo
openAccessPhysRevB_76_245302.pdf.jpg3-Dec-2007Addition energies and density dipole response of quantum rings under the influence of in-plane electric fieldsMalet, Francesc; Pi, Martí; Barranco, Manuel; Serra, Llorenç  ; Lipparini, Enricoartículo
openAccessPhysRevB_73_235341.pdf.jpg22-Jun-2006Brueckner-Hartree-Fock study of circular quantum dotsEmperador, Agustí; Lipparini, Enrico; Serra, Llorenç  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg14-May-2019Complex band-structure analysis and topological physics of Majorana nanowiresOsca, Javier; Serra, Llorenç  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg14-Jul-2019Conductance oscillations and magnetic orbital effects with chiral Majorana modesSerra, Llorenç  comunicación de congreso
openAccesschiral_Majorana_mode.pdf.jpg24-Sep-2018Conductance oscillations and speed of chiral Majorana mode in a quantum anomalous Hall two-dimensional stripOsca, Javier; Serra, Llorenç  artículo
openAccess1005.2480v1.pdf.jpg2011Conductance oscillations of a spin-orbit stripe with polarized contactsGelabert, M. M.; Serra, Llorenç  artículo
openAccessstripe_majorana.pdf.jpgFeb-2017Current distributions in stripe Majorana junctionsOsca, Javier; Serra, Llorenç  artículo
openAccesstilting_magnetic_field_Osca.pdf.jpg5-Jun-2014Effects of tilting the magnetic field in one-dimensional Majorana nanowiresOsca, Javier; Ruiz Reynés, Daniel; Serra, Llorenç  artículo
openAccessmajorana_nanowires_OSca.pdf.jpgDec-2015Electromagnetic absorption of quasi-1D Majorana nanowiresOsca, Javier; Serra, Llorenç  artículo
openAccess2D_Majorana_nanowires_Ruiz.pdf.jpg10-Mar-2015Electromagnetic absorption of semiconductor 2D Majorana nanowiresRuiz Reynés, Daniel; Osca, Javier; Serra, Llorenç  artículo
openAccesspolygonal_quantum rings_Sitek.pdf.jpg17-Jun-2015Electron localization and optical absorption of polygonal quantum ringsSitek, Anna; Serra, Llorenç  ; Gudmundsson, Vidar; Manolescu, Andreiartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgAug-2013Emergence of Majorana modes in cylindrical nanowiresLim, Jong-Soo ; López, Rosa  ; Serra, Llorenç  artículo
openAccessPhysRevB.84.085325.pdf.jpg2011Enhancement of Rashba coupling in vertical In(0.05)Ga(0.95)As/GaAs quantum dotsHuang, S. M.; Badrutdinov, A. O.; Serra, Llorenç  artículo
openAccessPhysRevB_76_045339.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2007Evanescent states in quantum wires with Rashba spin-orbit couplingSerra, Llorenç  ; Sánchez, David  ; López, Rosa  artículo
openAccesselectron_gases.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2020Evidence for Majorana phases in the magnetoconductance of topological junctions based on two-dimensional electron gasesSerra, Llorenç  ; Delfanazari, Kavehartículo
openAccessPhysRevB_76_115306.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2007Exchange-correlation effects on quantum wires with spin-orbit interactions under the influence of in-plane magnetic fieldsMalet, Francesc; Pi, Martí; Barranco, Manuel; Serra, Llorenç  ; Lipparini, Enricoartículo
openAccessPhysRevB_74_153313.pdf.jpg27-Oct-2006Fano-Rashba effect in a quantum wireSánchez, David  ; Serra, Llorenç  artículo
openAccessPhysRevB_76_035307.pdf.jpg6-Jul-2007From Coulomb blockade to the Kondo regime in a Rashba dotLópez, Rosa  ; Sánchez, David  ; Serra, Llorenç  artículo
openAccessPhysRevB.84.075343.pdf.jpg2011g-factor anisotropy of hole quantum wires induced by Rashba interactionGelabert, M. M.; Serra, Llorenç  artículo