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openAccessA_device_scheduling.pdf.jpgJun-2008A device for scheduling irrigation in fruit tree orchards from sap flow readingsFernández Luque, José Enrique  ; Díaz-Espejo, Antonio  ; Cuevas Sánchez, Mª Victoria ; Montaño Asquerino, Juan Carlos ; Romero Vicente, Rafael ; Muriel Fernández, José L.artículo
openAccessA_regulate_feficit_irrigation_2013_Postprint.pdf.jpgNov-2013A regulated deficit irrigation strategy for hedgerow olive orchards with high plant densityFernández Luque, José Enrique  ; Pérez Martín, Alfonso ; Torres Ruiz, José Manuel ; Cuevas Sánchez, Mª Victoria ; Rodríguez Domínguez, Celia M. ; Elsayed-Farag, S. ; Morales Sillero, Ana; García Martos, José M.  ; Hernández Santana, V. ; Díaz-Espejo, Antonio  artículo
openAccessAdsorption_water_vapor_Spain.pdf.jpg2006Adsorption of water vapor by bare soil in an olive grove in southern SpainVerhoef, Anne; Díaz-Espejo, Antonio  ; Knight, J. R.; Villagarcía, Luis; Fernández Luque, José Enrique  artículo
openAccessAn index from sap.pdf.jpgMay-2013An index from sap flow records to schedule irrigation in super-high density olive orchardsFernández Luque, José Enrique  ; Elsayed-Farag, S. ; Cuevas Sánchez, Mª Victoria ; Martín Palomo, Mª Joséartículo
openAccessAnatomical response of olive roots to dry and irrigated soils.pdf.jpg1994Anatomical response of olive roots to dry and irrigated soilsFernández Luque, José Enrique  ; Moreno Lucas, Félix ; Martín Aranda, José ; Rapoport, Hava F.  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg8-Jun-2015Are xylem anatomical traits affected by irrigation management? A case study in olive.Padilla Díaz, C. M. ; Torres Ruiz, José Manuel ; Hernández Santana, V. ; Delzon, S.; Fernández Luque, José Enrique  póster de congreso
openAccessAssessing _crop_water_Egea_Postprint.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2017Assessing a crop water stress index derived from aerial thermal imaging and infrared thermometry in super-high density olive orchardsEgea, Gregorio; Padilla Díaz, C. M. ; Martinez-Guanter, Jorge; Fernández Luque, José Enrique  ; Pérez Ruiz, M.artículo
openAccessAssessing_herbicide.pdf.jpg2001Assessing herbicide leaching from field measurements and laboratory experimentsCuevas Sánchez, Mª Victoria ; Calderón, M.J. ; Fernández Luque, José Enrique  ; Hermosín, M.C. ; Moreno Lucas, Félix ; Cornejo, J. artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgApr-2018Assessing hydraulic redistribution with the compensated average gradient heat-pulse method on rain-fed olive treesFerreira, M. I.; Green, Steve; Conceição, Nuno S.; Fernández Luque, José Enrique  artículo
openAccessAssessing_water_Postprint.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2017Assessing plant water status in a hedgerow olive orchard from thermography at plant levelGarcía Tejero, Iván; Hernández Santana, V. ; Padilla Díaz, C. M. ; Díaz-Espejo, Antonio  ; Fernández Luque, José Enrique  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Assessing water stress in a hedgerow olive orchard from sap flow and trunk diameter measurementsCuevas Sánchez, Mª Victoria ; Martín Palomo, Mª José; Díaz-Espejo, Antonio  ; Torres Ruiz, José Manuel ; Rodríguez Domínguez, Celia M. ; Pérez Martín, Alfonso ; Pino Mejías, R.; Fernández Luque, José Enrique  artículo
closedAccessAcceso restringido Digital CSIC.pdf.jpgSep-2010Assessment of trunk diameter variation derived indices as water stress indicators in mature olive treesCuevas Sánchez, Mª Victoria ; Torres Ruiz, José Manuel ; Álvarez Garrido, Rafael; Jiménez Ruz, Mª Dolores; Cueva Salas, Juan; Fernández Luque, José Enrique  artículo
openAccessBalance hídrico de un olivar con riego gota a gota.pdf.jpg1988Balance hidrico de un olivar con riego gota a gota. Resultados de cuatro años de experienciaMoreno Lucas, Félix ; Vachaud, Georges; Martín Aranda, José ; Vauclin, Michel; Fernández Luque, José Enrique  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg5-Oct-2016Basis for the fine tuning of deficit irrigation regimes in olive trees based on a novel water stress indicator from sap flow related measurementsDíaz-Espejo, Antonio  ; Fernández Luque, José Enrique  ; Rodríguez Domínguez, Celia M. ; Romero Vicente, Rafael ; Hernández Santana, V. comunicación de congreso
openAccessCalibrating the compensation.pdf.jpgApr-1999Calibrating the compensation heat-pulse technique for measuring sap flow in oliveFernández Luque, José Enrique  ; Martín Palomo, Mª José; Díaz-Espejo, Antonio  ; Girón Moreno, Ignacio F. artículo
openAccessCalibration_sap_flow_estimatred.pdf.jpg2006Calibration of sap flow estimated by the compensation heat pulse method in olive, plum and orange trees: relationships with xylem anatomyFernández Luque, José Enrique  ; Durán, Pablo ; Martín Palomo, Mª José; Díaz-Espejo, Antonio  ; Chamorro, Vanesa; Girón Moreno, Ignacio F. artículo
openAccessCanopy architecture.pdf.jpgJun-2008Canopy architecture and radiation interception measurements in oliveDíaz-Espejo, Antonio  ; Fernández Luque, José Enrique  ; Durán, Pablo ; Girón Moreno, Ignacio F. ; Martín Palomo, Mª Joséartículo
closedAccess27-Mar-2008Chloridazon and lenacil dissipation in a clayey soil of the Guadalquivir river marshes, southwest SpainCuevas Sánchez, Mª Victoria ; Cox, L.  ; Calderón, M.J. ; Hermosín, M.C. ; Fernández Luque, José Enrique  artículo
openAccessClassification_models_automatic_Postprint_2017.pdf.jpgNov-2017Classification models for automatic identification of daily states from leaf turgor related measurements in oliveFernandes, Rafael D. M.; Cuevas Sánchez, Mª Victoria ; Hernández Santana, V. ; Rodríguez Domínguez, Celia M. ; Padilla Díaz, C. M. ; Fernández Luque, José Enrique  artículo
openAccessXII PorSp_Combining_precess.pdf.jpg30-Sep-2014Combining a process-based model of stomatal conductance with leaf turgor pressure related probe measurements to study the regulation of plant water status and stomatal conductance under droughtRodríguez Domínguez, Celia M. ; Buckley, Thomas N.; Cires, A. de; Fernández Luque, José Enrique  ; Pérez Martín, Alfonso ; Díaz-Espejo, Antonio  comunicación de congreso