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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg23-mar-2014A functional interaction of HaHSFA4a with HaHSFA9 enhances seed longevity and synergistically induces tolerance to extreme abiotic stress.Personat, José María ; Tejedor-Cano, Javier ; Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Jordano, Juan  Comunicación de congreso
closedAccessEmbargo_Gral.pdf.jpg1985A method to detect and characterize point mutations in transcribed genes: amplification and overexpression of the mutant cKi-ras allele in human tumor cellsWinter, E.; Yamamoto, Fumiko; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Perucho, M.Artículo
openAccessA passive repression mechanisms.pdf.jpgene-2014A passive repression mechanism that hinders synergic transcriptional activation by heat shock factors involved in sunflower seed longevityTejedor-Cano, Javier ; Carranco, Raúl ; Personat, José María ; Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Espinosa-Vázquez, José Manuel; Jordano, Juan  Artículo
openAccessA plant small heat shock protein gene expressed .pdf.jpg24-oct-1997A plant small heat shock protein gene expressed during zygotic embryogenesis but noninducible by heat stressCarranco, Raúl ; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Jordano, Juan  Artículo
closedAccessThe Plant Cell, Vol. 1, 855-866, September 1989.pdf.jpgsep-1989A sunflower Helianthinin gene upstream sequence ensemble contains an enhancer and sites of nuclear protein interaction.Jordano, Juan  ; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Thomas, T. L.Artículo
openAccessLung Cancer. 4 (1988) 168-170.pdf.jpg1988Activated ras genes in pulmonary carcinoma.Almoguera, Concepción  ; Forrester, K.; Winte, E.; Lama, C.; Perucho, M.Artículo
openAccess1471-2229-14-56.pdf.jpg4-mar-2014Co-overexpression of two Heat Shock Factors results in enhanced seed longevity and in synergistic effects on seedling tolerance to severe dehydration and oxidative stressPersonat, José María ; Tejedor-Cano, Javier ; Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Jordano, Juan  Artículo
openAccessConstitutive expression of small heat shock proteins in vegetative.pdf.jpg1995Constitutive expression of small heat shock proteins in vegetative tissues of the resurrection plant craterostigma plantagineumAlamillo, J.; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Bartels, D.; Jordano, Juan  Artículo
closedAccessfeb-1990Detection of c-K-ras mutations in fine needle aspirates from human pancreatic adenocarcinomasShibata, D.; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Forrester, K.; Dunitz, J.; Martin, S. E.; Cosgrove, M. M.; Perucho, M.; Arnheim, N.Artículo
closedAccessnature  1987, 327 (6120)  298-303.pdf.jpg1987Detection of high incidence of K-ras oncogenes during human colon tumorigenesisForrester, K.; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Han, KArtículo
closedAccessPlant Molecular Biology 19 781-792, 1992..pdf.jpg1992Developmental and environmental concurrent expression of sunflower dry-seed-stored low-molecular-weight heat-shock protein and Lea mRNAsAlmoguera, Concepción  ; Jordano, Juan  Artículo
openAccessDifferential accumulation of sunflower tetraubiquitin.pdf.jpgmar-1995Differential accumulation of sunflower Tetraubiquitin mRNAs during zygotic embryogenesis and developmental regulation of their heat-shock response.Almoguera, Concepción  ; Jordano, Juan  ; Coca, María Artículo
closedAccess13-may-1996Differential regulation of small heat-shock genes in plants: analysis of a water-stress-inducible and developmentally activated sunflower promoterCoca, María ; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Thomas, T.L.; Jordano, Juan  Artículo
closedAccessEmbargo_Gral.pdf.jpgene-2008Distinct heat-shock element arrangements that mediate the heat shock, but not the late-embryogenesis induction of small heat-shock proteins, correlate with promoter activation in root-knot nematode feeding cells.Barcala, Marta; García, Alejandra; Cubas, Pilar; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Jordano, Juan  ; Fenoll, Carmen; Escobar, CarolinaArtículo
closedAccessj.1365-313X.1998.00044.x.pdf.jpgfeb-1998Dual regulation of a heat shock promoter during embryogenesis: stage-dependent role of heat shock elements.Almoguera, Concepción  ; Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Jordano, Juan  Artículo
closedAccesssm_tpj3465_supp_fig1.pdf.jpgjun-2008The ectopic overexpression of a seed-specific transcription factor, HaHSFA9, confers tolerance to severe dehydration in vegetative organs.Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Castaño, Raúl; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Jordano, Juan  Artículo
closedAccessExpression of sunflower low-molecular-weight heat-shock proteins.pdf.jpg1994Expression of sunflower low-molecular-weight heat-shock proteins during embryogenesis and persistence after germination: localization and possible functional implicationsCoca, María ; Almoguera, Concepción  ; Jordano, Juan  Artículo
closedAccess21-oct-2005Functional interaction between two transcription factors involved in the developmental regulation of a small heat stress protein gene promoterDíaz-Martín, J. ; Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Jordano, Juan  ; Espinosa-Vázquez, José Manuel; Almoguera, Concepción  Artículo
openAccessGenetic improvement of seed longevity.pdf.jpg2009Genetic improvement of seed longevity: the HSFA9 programAlmoguera, Concepción  ; Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Tejedor-Cano, Javier ; Carranco, Raúl ; Espinosa-Vázquez, José Manuel; Díaz-Martín, J. ; Jordano, Juan  Comunicación de congreso
openAccess1471-2229-9-75.pdf.jpg19-jun-2009The HaDREB2 transcription factor enhances basal thermotolerance and longevity of seeds through functional interaction with HaHSFA9Almoguera, Concepción  ; Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Díaz-Martín, J. ; Espinosa-Vázquez, José Manuel; Carranco, Raúl ; Jordano, Juan  Artículo