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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccessThesis NPJ no copiright.pdf.jpg2021Biogeochemistry of marine phanerogams soilsPiñeiro Juncal, Nerea tesis
closedAccessRestringido.pdf.jpg2020Cover loss in a seagrass Posidonia oceanica meadow accelerates soil organic matter turnover and alters soil prokaryotic communitiesPiñeiro Juncal, Nerea ; Kaal, Joeri  ; Moreira, J. C. F.; Martínez Cortizas, A. ; Lambais. M. R.; Otero, Xosé Luis; Mateo, Miguel Ángel  artículo
closedAccessRestringido.pdf.jpg2020Long-term dynamics of production in western Mediterranean seagrass meadows: Trade-offs and legacies of past disturbancesLeiva-Dueñas, Carmen; Martínez Cortizas, A. ; Piñeiro Juncal, Nerea ; Díaz-Almela, Elena  ; García-Orellana, Jordi; Mateo, Miguel Ángel  artículo
openAccessBelshe 2019.pdf.jpg2019Modeling Organic Carbon Accumulation Rates and Residence Times in Coastal Vegetated EcosystemsBelshe, Fay E.; Sanjuan, José; Leiva-Dueñas, Carmen; Piñeiro Juncal, Nerea ; Serrano, Oscar ; Lavery, Paul S. ; Mateo, Miguel Ángel  artículo
openAccessPedogenic_Piñeiro_Art2020.pdf.jpg2020Pedogenic Processes in a Posidonia oceanica MatPiñeiro Juncal, Nerea ; Leiva-Dueñas, Carmen; Serrano, Oscar ; Mateo, Miguel Ángel  ; Martínez Cortizas, A. artículo
openAccessNerea 2017.pdf.jpg2018Potential microbial functional activity along a Posidonia oceanica soil profilePiñeiro Juncal, Nerea ; Mateo, Miguel Ángel  ; Holmer, Marianne; Martínez Cortizas, Antonioartículo
embargoedAccessGiralt_Science of The Total Environment_768_144352_2021_postprint.pdf.jpgMay-2021Processes driving seagrass soils composition along the western Mediterranean: The case of the southeast Iberian PeninsulaPiñeiro Juncal, Nerea ; Díaz-Almela, Elena  ; Leiva-Dueñas, Carmen; Deulofeu, Ona; Frigola, Jaime; SOLER ROIG, MONTSERRAT ; Martinez-Cortizas, Antonio; Giralt, Santiago  ; Garcia-Orellana, J.; Mateo, Miguel Ángel artículo