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closedAccess2017Biodiversity of suprabenthic peracarid assemblages from the Blanes Canyon region (NW Mediterranean Sea) in relation to natural disturbance and trawling pressureAlmeida, Mariana; Frutos, I.; Company, Joan B.  ; Martin, Daniel  ; Romano, Chiara  ; Cunha, Marina R.artículo
openAccessdani 2017.pdf.jpg2017Canyon effect and seasonal variability of deep-sea organisms in the NW Mediterranean: synchronous, year-long captures of "swimmers" from nearbottom sediment traps in a submarine canyon and its adjacent open slopeRomano, Chiara  ; Flexas, María del Mar; Segura, Marta; Román, Sara ; Bahamon, Nixon  ; Gili, Josep Maria  ; Sánchez-Vidal, Anna; Martin, Daniel  artículo
openAccess2014Complément à l’inventaire des mollusques de GuyaneLamy, Dominique; Martin, Daniel  ; Romano, Chiara  ; Pititto, Francesco; Mura, Maria Paola  ; Gil, João  ; Pointier, Jean-Pierre; Massemin, David; Schvartz, Thibault; Dutrieux, Ericartículo
closedAccess22-Jan-2009The distribution of megabenthic, invertebrate epifauna in the Balearic Basin (western Mediterranean) between 400 and 2300 m: Environmental gradients influencing assemblages composition and biomass trendsCartes, Joan Enric  ; Maynou, Francesc  ; Fanelli, Emanuela ; Romano, Chiara  ; Mamouridis, Valeria ; Papiol, Vanesa artículo
openAccess2014 DM Bessette post-print.pdf.jpg2014Diversity of bacterial communities on sunken woods in the Mediterranean SeaBessette, S.; Fagervold, S. K.; Romano, Chiara  ; Martin, Daniel  ; Le Bris, Nadine; Galand, Pierre E. artículo
openAccessRoman et al 2016_High spatiotemporal variability in meiofaunal assemblages in Blanes Canyon_NW Mediterranean subject to anthropogenic and natural distu.pdf.jpg2016High spatiotemporal variability in meiofaunal assemblages in Blanes Canyon (NW Mediterranean) subject to anthropogenic and natural disturbancesRomán, Sara ; Vanreusel, Ann; Romano, Chiara  ; Ingels, Jeroen; Puig, Pere  ; Company, Joan B.  ; Martin, Daniel  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg20-Jun-2010Infaunal benthic polychaetes inside and outside a deep submarine canyon in the NW Mediterraean SeaRomano, Chiara  ; Coenjaerts, J. ; Muniz-Maciel, P.; Flexas, María del Mar; Company, Joan B.  ; Calafat, Antoni; Martin, Daniel  póster de congreso
openAccessMartin et al 2019 Postprint.pdf.jpgJul-2019Long-distance influence of the Rhône River plume on the marine benthic ecosystem: Integrating descriptive ecology and predictive modellingMartin, Daniel  ; Pititto, Francesco; Gil, João  ; Mura, Maria Paola  ; Bahamon, Nixon  ; Romano, Chiara  ; Thorin, Sébastien; Schvartz, Thibault; Dutrieux, Eric; Bocquenet, Yannickartículo
openAccess2019Macrobenthic densities and biomasess and sediment descriptors along a transect crossing the Gulf of Lions from the coast off Gruissan to the eastern side of the Gulf of Fos (French coast, NW Mediterranean)Martin, Daniel  ; Pititto, Francesco; Gil, João  ; Mura, Maria Paola  ; Bahamon, Nixon  ; Romano, Chiara  ; Thorin, Sébastien; Shvartz, Thibault; Dutrieux, Ericdataset
openAccessPiO 2013 Fagervold.pdf.jpg2013Microbial communities associated with the degradation of oak wood in the Blanes submarine canyon and its adjacent open slope (NW Mediterranean)Fagervold, S. K.; Bessette, S.; Romano, Chiara  ; Martin, Daniel  ; Plyuscheva, M. ; Le Bris, Nadine; Galand, Pierre E. artículo
openAccesschiara.pdf.jpg7-May-2014Microbial Communities in Sunken Wood Are Structured by Wood-Boring Bivalves and Location in a Submarine CanyonFagervold, S. K.; Romano, Chiara  ; Kalenitchenko, Dimitri; Borowski, Christian; Nunes-Jorge, Amandine; Martin, Daniel  ; Martin, Daniel  ; Galand, Pierre E. artículo
openAccessDani 2019 Sara Bacteiris.pdf.jpg2019Microbial Community Structure and Functionality in the Deep Sea Floor: Evaluating the Causes of Spatial Heterogeneity in a Submarine Canyon System (NW Mediterranean, Spain)Román, Sara ; Ortiz-Álvarez, Rüdiger  ; Romano, Chiara  ; Casamayor, Emilio O.  ; Martin, Daniel  artículo
openAccessChiara Romano.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2014Morphological and Genetic Diversity of the Wood-Boring Xylophaga (Mollusca, Bivalvia): New Species and Records from Deep-Sea Iberian CanyonsRomano, Chiara  ; Voight, J. R.; Pérez-Portela, R. ; Martin, Daniel  artículo
openAccessRoman 2019.pdf.jpg2019Role of spatial scales and environmental drivers in shaping nematode communities in the Blanes Canyon and its adjacent slopeRomán, Sara ; Lins, L.; Ingelws, Jeroen; Romano, Chiara  ; Martin, Daniel  ; Vanreusel, Annartículo
openAccessinfaunal_dynamics_Ingels.pdf.jpg2013Spatial and temporal infaunal dynamics of the Blanes submarine canyon-slope system (NW Mediterranean); changes in nematode standing stocks, feeding types and gender-life stage ratiosIngels, Jeroen; Vanreusel, Ann; Romano, Chiara  ; Coenjaerts, J. ; Flexas, María del Mar; Zúñiga, Diana ; Martin, Daniel  artículo
openAccessPiO 2013 Romano Meiofauna.pdf.jpgNov-2013Spatial and temporal variability of meiobenthic density in the Blanes submarine canyon (NW Mediterranean)Romano, Chiara  ; Coenjaerts, J. ; Flexas, María del Mar; Zúñiga, Diana ; Vanreusel, Ann; Company, Joan B.  ; Martin, Daniel  artículo
closedAccess2016Spatial variability of soft-bottom macrobenthic communities in northern Sicily (Western Mediterranean): Contrasting trawled vs. untrawled areasRomano, Chiara  ; Fanelli, Emanuela ; D'Anna, G.; Pipitone, C.; Vizzini, Salvatrice; Mazzola, A.; Badalamenti, F.artículo
openAccessPiO 2013 Romano Xylophaga.pdf.jpgNov-2013Submarine canyons as the preferred habitat for wood-boring species of Xylophaga (Mollusca, Bivalvia)Romano, Chiara  ; Voight, J. R.; Company, Joan B.  ; Plyuscheva, M. ; Martin, Daniel  artículo
openAccess2011The effect of the presence of the shore crab, Carcinus maenas (L., 1758), on the burrowing behaviour and clearance rate of the common cockle, Cerastoderma edule (L., 1758).Romano, Chiara  ; Sarà, G.; Salvo, G.; Bishop, J. D. D.; Mazzola, A.; Widdows, J.artículo
closedAccess27-Apr-2010Trophodynamic effects of trawling on the feeding ecology of pandora, Pagellus erythrinus, off the northern Sicily coast (Mediterranean Sea)Fanelli, Emanuela ; Badalamenti, F.; D'Anna, G.; Pipitone, C.; Romano, Chiara  artículo