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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccessepl_81_1_10009.pdf.jpgJan-2008Breaking chirality in nonequilibrium systems on the latticePazó, Diego  ; Nicola, Ernesto M. artículo
openAccesse056201.pdf.jpg2010Characteristic Lyapunov vectors in chaotic time-delayed systemsPazó, Diego  ; López, Juan M.  artículo
openAccesse046206.pdf.jpg2011Collective synchronization in the presence of reactive coupling and shear diversityMontbrió, Ernest; Pazó, Diego  artículo
openAccessPhysRevE_73_038201.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2006Comment on "Periodic Phase Synchronization in Coupled Chaotic Oscillators"Pazó, Diego  ; Matías, Manuel A.  artículo
openAccessCovariant hydrodynamic Lyapunov.pdf.jpg2012Covariant hydrodynamic Lyapunov modes and strong stochasticity threshold in Hamiltonian latticesRomero-Bastida, M.; Pazó, Diego  ; López, Juan M.  artículo
openAccessnudging.pdf.jpg2016Data assimilation by delay-coordinate nudgingPazó, Diego  ; Carrassi, A.; López, Juan M.  artículo
openAccessepl_dirtran.pdf.jpg21-Sep-2005Direct transition to high-dimensional chaos through a global bifurcationPazó, Diego  ; Matías, Manuel A.  artículo
openAccessLyapunov.pdf.jpg2016Diverging fluctuations of the Lyapunov exponentsPazó, Diego  ; López, Juan M.  ; Politi, Antonioartículo
openAccessChaos_16_033122.pdf.jpg13-Sep-2006Experimental Study of the Transitions between Synchronous Chaos and a Periodic Rotating WaveSánchez, Esteban; Pazó, Diego  ; Matías, Manuel A.  artículo
openAccessExponential localization.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2009Exponential localization of singular vectors in spatiotemporal chaosPazó, Diego  ; López, Juan M.  ; Rodríguez, Miguel A. artículo
openAccessQuasiperiodic.pdf.jpg2016From quasiperiodic partial synchronization to collective chaos in populations of inhibitory neurons with delayPazó, Diego  ; Montbrió, Ernestartículo
openAccess0909.1260.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2009From quasiperiodicity to high-dimensional chaos without intermediate low-dimensional chaoPazó, Diego  ; Matías, Manuel A.  preprint
openAccesse066204.pdf.jpgJun-2010Logarithmic bred vectors in spatiotemporal chaos: Structure and growthHallerberg, Sarah; Pazó, Diego  ; López, Juan M.  ; Rodríguez, Miguel A. artículo
openAccessLow-Dimensional Dynamics.pdf.jpg2014Low-dimensional dynamics of populations of pulse-coupled oscillatorsPazó, Diego  ; Montbrió, Ernestartículo
openAccessSpiking Neurons.pdf.jpg2015Macroscopic description for networks of spiking neuronsMontbrió, Ernest; Pazó, Diego  ; Roxin, Alexartículo
openAccessbred vectors.pdf.jpgJul-2011Maximizing the statistical diversity of an ensemble of bred vectors by using the geometric normPazó, Diego  ; Rodríguez, Miguel A. ; López, Juan M.  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013On the angle between the first and second Lyapunov vectors in spatio-temporal chaosPazó, Diego  ; López, Juan M.  ; Rodríguez, Miguel A. artículo
openAccesse254101.pdf.jpgJun-2011Shear Diversity Prevents Collective SynchronizationMontbrió, Ernest; Pazó, Diego  artículo
openAccessSpatio-temporal evolution.pdf.jpg2010Spatio-temporal evolution of perturbations in ensembles initialized by bred, Lyapunov and singular vectorsPazó, Diego  ; Rodríguez, Miguel A. ; López, Juan M.  artículo
openAccessSpatiotemporal structure.pdf.jpg30-Aug-2007Spatiotemporal structure of Lyapunov vectors in chaotic coupled-map latticesSzendro, Ivan Georg; Pazó, Diego  ; Rodríguez, Miguel A. ; López, Juan M.  artículo