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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccesscloudappl.pdf.jpg2020A cloud-based framework for machine learning workloads and applicationsLópez García, Álvaro  ; Marco, Jesús  ; Antonacci, Marica; Castell, Wolfgang zu; David, Mario; Hardt, Marcus; Lloret Iglesias, Lara ; Moltó, Germán; Plociennik, Marcin; Tran, Viet; Alic, Andy S.; Caballer, Miguel; Campos, Isabel  ; Costantini, Alessandro; Dlugolinsky, Stefan; Duma, Doina Cristina; Donvito, Giacinto; Gomes, Jorge; Heredia, Ignacio; Ito, Keiichi; Kozlov, Valentin; Nguyen, Giang; Orviz, Pablo  ; Šustr, Zdenêk; Wolniewicz, Pawelartículo
openAccesssqa-baseline-v3.2.pdf.jpg2017A set of common software quality assurance baseline criteria for research projectsOrviz, Pablo  ; López García, Álvaro  ; Duma, Doina Cristina; Donvito, Giacinto; David, Mario; Gomes, Jorgeinforme técnico
openAccessacceleracloud.pdf.jpg2019Accelerators in the Cloud: users and resource providers perspectiveLópez García, Álvaro  presentación
openAccessefficinstan-post.pdf.jpg2019An efficient cloud scheduler design supporting preemptible instancesLópez García, Álvaro  ; Fernández-del-Castillo, Enol ; Campos, Isabel  artículo
openAccessCloudCompuCong.pdf.jpg2013Analysis of scientific cloud computing requirementsLópez García, Álvaro  ; Fernández-del-Castillo, Enol comunicación de congreso
openAccessbenchmark.pdf.jpg2019Benchmarking deep learning infrastructures by means of tensorflow and containersGrupp, Adrian; Kozlov, Valentin; Campos, Isabel  ; David, Mario; Gomes, Jorge; López García, Álvaro  presentación
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019Benchmarking deep learning infrastructures by means of tensorflow and containersGrupp, Adrian; Kozlov, Valentin; Campos, Isabel  ; David, Mario; Gomes, Jorge; López García, Álvaro  capítulo de libro
openAccessDec-2018cASO: OpenStack Accounting extractorLópez García, Álvaro  ; Fernández-del-Castillo, Enol software
openAccessdeeprotec.pdf.jpg2020Deep learning for proactive network monitoring and security protectionNguyen, Giang; Dlugolinsky, Stefan; Tran, Viet; López García, Álvaro  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019Deep Learning techniques for remote sensing dataGarcia, Daniel; Aguilar, Fernando  ; Heredia, Ignacio; López García, Álvaro  ; Marco, Jesús  póster de congreso
openAccessdeepsumma.pdf.jpg2019DEEP-Hybrid Datacloud: a project summaryLópez García, Álvaro  comunicación de congreso
openAccessdeepresentfu.pdf.jpg2019DEEP-Hybrid Datacloud: present and futureLópez García, Álvaro  comunicación de congreso
openAccessdeepdata.pdf.jpg2018DEEP-HybridDataCloudDonvito, Giacinto; Gomes, Jorge; Ferrer, A. Juan; Kozlov, Valentin; López García, Álvaro  ; Matyska, Ludek; Meyer, Norbert; Moltó, Germán; Tran, Viet; Castell, Wolfgang zupóster de congreso
openAccessdeeplear.pdf.jpg2019DEEP: Hybrid Approach for Deep LearningAlic, Andy S.; Antonacci, Marica; Caballer, Miguel; Campos, Isabel  ; David, Mario; Dlugolinsky, Stefan; Donvito, Giacinto; Duma, Doina Cristina; Gomes, Jorge; Hardt, Marcus; Heredia, Ignacio; Hluchy, Ladislav; Kozlov, Valentin; Lloret Iglesias, Lara ; López García, Álvaro  ; Marco, Jesús  ; Matyska, Ludek; Moltó, Germán; Nguyen, Giang; Orviz, Pablo  ; Plociennik, Marcin; Castell, Wolfgang zupóster de congreso
openAccessdeepmodels.pdf.jpg2019DEEPaaS API: a REST API for machine learning and deep learning modelsLópez García, Álvaro  artículo de software
openAccesscloudenvironme.pdf.jpg2016Efficient image deployment in cloud environmentsLópez García, Álvaro  ; Fernández-del-Castillo, Enol artículo
openAccessudockertool.pdf.jpgJun-2018Enabling rootless Linux Containers in multi-user environments: The udocker toolGomes, Jorge; Bagnaschi, E.; Campos, Isabel  ; David, Mario; Alves, Luis; Martins, João; Pina, Joâo; López García, Álvaro  ; Orviz, Pablo  artículo
embargoedAccessEOSC-synergy-WP2-D2.2.pdf.jpg30-Nov-2020EOSC-SYNERGY EU DELIVERABLE: D2.2 Intermediate report on integration effortsHardt, Marcus; Campos, Isabel  ; López García, Álvaro  ; Gomes, Jorge; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-Ms5.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2020EOSC-SYNERGY EU Milestone: M2.3 First service analysedLópez García, Álvaro  ; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
embargoedAccesscastrillo2020print.pdf.jpg2020Estimation of high frequency nutrient concentrations from water quality surrogates using machine learning methodsCastrillo, Maria; López García, Álvaro  artículo