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openAccessWilkinson Microwave.pdf.jpgMar-2012Multiresolution internal template cleaning: an application to the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe 7-yr polarization dataFernández-Cobos, R.  ; Vielva, P.  ; Barreiro, R. Belén  ; Martínez-González, Enrique  Artículo
openAccessSearching for a dipole modulation.pdf.jpg2014Searching for a dipole modulation in the large-scale structure of the UniverseFernández-Cobos, R.  ; Vielva, P.  ; Pietrobon, D.; Balbi, A.; Martínez-González, Enrique  ; Barreiro, R. Belén  Artículo
openAccess2012The QUIJOTE-CMB experiment: studying the polarisation of the galactic and cosmological microwave emissionsRubiño-Martín, J. A.; Rebolo López, Rafael; Aguiar, M.; Martínez-González, Enrique  ; Barreiro, R. Belén  ; Casas-Reinares, F. J.  ; Diego, José María  ; Fernández-Cobos, R.  ; Herranz, D.  ; López-Caniego, M. ; Ortiz, David  ; Vielva, P.  ; Artal, E.; Villa, EnriqueComunicación de congreso
openAccess2012The status of the QUIJOTE multi-frequency instrumentHoyland, R. J.; Aguiar, M.; Artal, E.; Barreiro, R. Belén  ; Casas-Reinares, F. J.  ; Fernández-Cobos, R.  ; Fuente, Luisa de la; Herranz, D.  ; Hobson, M. P.; López-Caniego, M. ; Martínez-González, Enrique  ; Ortiz, David  ; Rebolo López, Rafael; Rubiño-Martín, J. A.; Vielva, P.  ; Villa, EnriqueComunicación de congreso
openAccessUsing CMB polarization.pdf.jpg2013Using cmb polarization to constrain the anomalous nature of the cold spot with an incomplete-sky coverageFernández-Cobos, R.  ; Vielva, P.  ; Martínez-González, Enrique  ; Tucci, M.; Cruz, Marcos Artículo