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openAccess2015Athena X-IFU event reconstruction software: SIRENACeballos, María Teresa  ; Cobo, Beatriz  ; Peille, P.; Wilms, Jörn; Brand, T.; Dauser, T.; Bandler, S.; Smith, S.póster de congreso
openAccessWFI-X-IFU.pdf.jpg2015Bright source capabilities of the WFI and X-IFUDauser, T.; Brand, T.; Wilms, Jörn; Peille, P.; Bandler, S.; Cobo, Beatriz  ; Ceballos, María Teresa  ; Smith, S.póster de congreso
openAccessprocesdetec.pdf.jpg2011Processing chains for characterization and data analysis of TES X-ray detectorsCeballos, María Teresa  ; Fraga Encinas, R. ; Cobo, Beatriz  ; Kuur, Jan van der; Schuurmans, J.; González, I.; Carrera, Francisco J.  comunicación de congreso
openAccessposterfragaencinas.pdf.jpg2012TES-based microcalorimeter for future X-ray astronomy missions. Software development for instrument calibrationFraga Encinas, R. ; Cobo, Beatriz  ; Ceballos, María Teresa  ; Schuurmans, J.; Kuur, Jan van der; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Barcons, Xavier  póster de congreso
openAccessTESarray.pdf.jpg2015The X-IFU end-to-end simulations performed for the TES array optimization exercisePeille, P.; Wilms, Jörn; Brand, T.; Cobo, Beatriz  ; Ceballos, María Teresa  ; Dauser, T.; Smith, S.; Herder, J. W. den; Barcons, Xavier  ; Pointecouteau, E.; Bandler, S.póster de congreso
openAccess2012The x-ray microcalorimeter spectrometer onboard AthenaHerder, J. W. den; Barcons, Xavier  ; Ceballos, María Teresa  ; Cobo, Beatriz  ; Page, M. J.comunicación de congreso