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openAccessBiotechAdv2016.pdf.jpgOct-2016Beyond the outer limits of nature by directed evolutionMolina-Espeja, Patricia  ; Gómez-Fernández, Bernardo J.; Martín-Díaz, Javier  ; García-Ruiz, Eva ; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  artículo
openAccesss41598-018-23869-3.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2018Directed -in vitro- evolution of Precambrian and extant RubiscosGómez-Fernández, Bernardo J.; García-Ruiz, Eva ; Martín-Díaz, Javier  ; Gómez de Santos, Patricia ; Santos-Moriano, Paloma ; Plou Gasca, Francisco José  ; Ballesteros Olmo, Antonio ; García, Mónica; Rodríguez, Marisa; Risso, Valeria A.; Sánchez-Ruiz, José M.; Whitney, Spencer M.; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg4-Sep-2013Directed evolution of chloroperoxidase from Caldariomyces fumago for functional expression in yeastGómez-Fernández, Bernardo J.; García-Ruiz, Eva ; Martín-Díaz, Javier  ; Plou Gasca, Francisco José  ; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  póster de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2014Directed evolution of the ligninolytic consortiumGonzález-Pérez, David ; Molina-Espeja, Patricia  ; García-Ruiz, Eva ; Maté, Diana M. ; Viña-González, Javier ; Martín-Díaz, Javier  ; Gómez-Fernández, Bernardo J.; Vicente, Ana I. ; Mateljak, Ivan ; Ballesteros Olmo, Antonio ; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  póster de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2014Exploring substrate promiscuity of unspecific peroxygenase from Agrocybe aegerita by neutral genetic driftMartín-Díaz, Javier  ; García-Ruiz, Eva ; Molina-Espeja, Patricia  ; González-Pérez, David ; Gómez-Fernández, Bernardo J.; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  póster de congreso
openAccessExploring_Ramirez_Art2020.pdf.jpg2020Exploring the Role of Phenylalanine Residues in Modulating the Flexibility and Topography of the Active Site in the Peroxygenase Variant PaDa-IRamirez-Ramirez, Joaquin; Martín-Díaz, Javier  ; Pastor, Nina; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  ; Ayala, Marcelaartículo
openAccessPEDS_Draft 16_revised draft.pdf.jpgMar-2017Modification of the peroxygenative: peroxidative activity ratio in the unspecific peroxygenase from Agrocybe aegerita by structure-guided evolutionMaté, Diana M. ; Palomino, Miguel A.; Molina-Espeja, Patricia  ; Martín-Díaz, Javier  ; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  artículo
openAccesssaccharomyces_cerevisiae_Martin.pdf.jpgAug-2018Shuffling the neutral drift of unspecific peroxygenase in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeMartín-Díaz, Javier  ; Paret, Carmen; García-Ruiz, Eva ; Molina-Espeja, Patricia  ; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel  artículo