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openAccessDiaz Vivancos et al 2008 JEB.pdf.jpg11-Jun-2008Alteration in the chloroplastic metabolism leads to ROS accumulation in pea plants in response to plum pox virusDíaz-Vivancos, Pedro; Clemente-Moreno, María José ; Rubio, Manuel ; Olmos, Enrique ; García, Juan Antonio; Martínez-Gómez, Pedro ; Hernández, José Antonio  artículo
closedAccess22-Jul-2003Antioxidant enzyme activities in shoots from three mycorrhizal shrub species afforested in a degraded semi-arid soilAlguacil García, María del Mar ; Hernández, José Antonio  ; Caravaca Ballester, María Fuensanta ; Portillo, Bruno; Roldán Garrigos, Antonio artículo
openAccesshigh irradiance_Hernandez.pdf.jpgSep-2006Antioxidant enzyme induction in pea plants under high irradianceHernández, José Antonio  ; Escobar, Carolina; Creissen, Gary; Mullineaux, Phil M.artículo
openAccessresistance_apricot_Hernandez.pdf.jpgSep-2006Antioxidant enzymes as biochemical markers for sharka resistance in apricotHernández, José Antonio  ; Cano, J.; Portillo, Bruno; Rubio, Manuel ; Martínez-Gómez, Pedro artículo
openAccess2013AntioxidantsgroupHernández, José Antonio  ; Díaz-Vivancos, Pedro; Clemente-Moreno, María José ; Barba-Espín, Gregorio ; Rodríguez Rubio, José Ramón blog
openAccessDiaz-Vivancos et al JEB 2006.pdf.jpg11-Jun-2008The apoplastic antioxidant system in Prunus: Response to long-term Plum pox virus infectionDíaz-Vivancos, Pedro; Rubio, Manuel ; Mesonero, Víctor; Periago, Paula María; Ros Barceló, Alfonso; Martínez-Gómez, Pedro ; Hernández, José Antonio  artículo
closedAccessFigures_Sharka-symmtoms_Clemente.pdf.jpgJan-2010Benzothiadiazole and l-2-oxothiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid reduce the severity of Sharka symptoms in pea leaves: effect on antioxidative metabolism at the subcellular levelClemente-Moreno, María José ; Díaz-Vivancos, Pedro; Barba-Espín, Gregorio ; Hernández, José Antonio  artículo
openAccessOct-2012Cienciacebas's BlogDíaz-Vivancos, Pedro; Hernández, José Antonio  blog
openAccesscytosolic_ascorbate_Faize.pdf.jpgDec-2015Cytosolic ascorbate peroxidase and Cu, Zn-superoxide dismutase improve seed germination, plant growth, nutrient uptake and drought tolerance in tobaccoFaize, Mohamed ; Nicolás Nicolás, Emilio ; Faize, Lydia ; Díaz-Vivancos, Pedro; Burgos Ortiz, Lorenzo ; Hernández, José Antonio  artículo
closedAccess2-Dec-2007Development of molecular markers linkaged to Sharka ( Plum pox virus , PPV) resistance in PrunusMartínez-Gómez, Pedro ; Díaz-Vivancos, Pedro; Rubio, Manuel ; Clemente-Moreno, María José ; Dicenta, Federico ; Hernández, José Antonio  artículo
openAccessDiaz-Vivancos et al. PBJ 2013 online.pdf.jpgOct-2013Ectopic expression of cytosolic superoxide dismutase and ascorbate peroxidase leads to salt stress tolerance in transgenic plumsDíaz-Vivancos, Pedro; Faize, Mohamed ; Barba-Espín, Gregorio ; Faize, Lydia ; Petri Serrano, César ; Hernández, José Antonio  ; Burgos Ortiz, Lorenzo artículo
openAccessJ. Exp. Bot.-2015-Albacete-863-78.pdf.jpg2015Ectopic overexpression of the cell wall invertase gene CIN1 leads to dehydration avoidance in tomatoAlbacete, Alfonso ; Cantero-Navarro, Elena ; Großkinsky, D.K.; Arias, Cintia L.; Balibrea, M.E.; Bru-Martínez, Roque; Fragner, L.; Ghanem, M.E.; De La Cruz, M.; Hernández, José Antonio  ; Martínez-Andújar, Cristina ; van der Graaf, E. R.; Weckwerth, W.; Zellnig, G.; Pérez-Alfocea, Francisco ; Roitsch, Thomasartículo
closedAccessJan-2006Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhizae and Induced Drought Stress on Antioxidant Enzyme and Nitrate Reductase Activities in Juniperus oxycedrus L. Grown in a Composted Sewage Sludge-amended Semi-arid SoilAlguacil García, María del Mar ; Caravaca Ballester, María Fuensanta ; Díaz-Vivancos, Pedro; Hernández, José Antonio  ; Roldán Garrigos, Antonio artículo
closedAccess2004Effect of Plum Pox Virus infection on photosynthesis and antioxidant enzyme activity in peach 'GF305'Hernández, José Antonio  ; Olmos, Enrique ; Portillo, Bruno; Rubio, Manuel ; Dicenta, Federico ; Martínez-Gómez, Pedro artículo
closedAccess30-Sep-2006Effect of Plum Pox virus infection on the antioxidant capacity of leaf apoplast from apricot plantsDíaz-Vivancos, Pedro; Rubio, Manuel ; Mesonero, Víctor; Periago, Paula María; Martínez-Gómez, Pedro ; Hernández, José Antonio  artículo
closedAccessDec-2002Effect of salt stress on the superoxide dismutase activity in leaves of citrus limonum in different rootstock-scion combinationsAlmansa, María S.; Hernández, José Antonio  ; Jiménez Hurtado, Ana María ; Botella, M. Ángeles; Sevilla Valenzuela, Francisca G. artículo
openAccesscatharanthus_roseus_Elkaoui.pdf.jpgMar-2005Effects of salt on lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzyme activities of Catharanthus roseus suspension cellsElkahoui, Salem; Hernández, José Antonio  ; Abdelly, Chedly; Ghrir, Rachid; Limam, Féridartículo
openAccessJPLPH_Ikbal_2014.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2014Enhanced salt-induced antioxidative responses involve a contribution of polyamine biosynthesis in grapevine plantsIkbal, Fatima Ezzohra; Hernández, José Antonio  ; Barba-Espín, Gregorio ; Koussa, Tayeb; Aziz, Aziz; Faize, Mohamed ; Díaz-Vivancos, Pedroartículo
openAccess2014IDIESHernández, José Antonio  blog
closedAccessJul-2005Involvement of antioxidant enzyme and nitrate reductase activities during water stress and recovery of mycorrhizal Myrtus communis and Phillyrea angustifolia plantsCaravaca Ballester, María Fuensanta ; Alguacil García, María del Mar ; Hernández, José Antonio  ; Roldán Garrigos, Antonio artículo