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openAccessMUNOZGOMEZ- OrgBiomolChem-2015-postprint.pdf.jpg7-Mar-2015A benzyl alcohol derivative of the BDPA radical for fast dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization NMR spectroscopyMuñoz Gómez, José L ; Monteagudo, E.; Lloveras, Vega ; Parella, Teodor; Veciana, Jaume ; Vidal Gancedo, José  artículo
openAccessLloveras_Nanosc_2016_postprint.pdf.jpg7-Mar-2016Dynamics of intramolecular spin exchange interaction of a nitronyl nitroxide diradical in solution and on surfacesLloveras, Vega ; Badetti, Elena ; Veciana, Jaume ; Vidal Gancedo, José  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg3-Jun-2013Harnessing Electron Transfer from the Perchlorotriphenylmethide Anion to Y@C82(C2v) to Engineer an Endometallofullerene-Based SaltKareev, Ivan E.; Laukhina, Elena ; Bubnov, Vyacheslav P.; Martynenko, Vyacheslav M.; Lloveras, Vega ; Vidal Gancedo, José  ; Mas Torrent, Marta ; Veciana, Jaume ; Rovira, Concepció artículo
openAccessLLOVERAS-JPhysChemC-2014.pdf.jpg18-Sep-2014Magnetic interactions in spin-labeled Au nanoparticlesLloveras, Vega ; Badetti, E; Chechik, V; Vidal Gancedo, José  artículo
openAccessMUNOZGOMEZ- OrgLett-2014-postprint.pdf.jpg17-Oct-2014Novel PTM-TEMPO biradical for fast dissolution dynamic nuclear polarizationMuñoz Gómez, José L.; Marín-Montesinos, Ildefonso; Lloveras, Vega ; Pons, Miquel; Vidal Gancedo, José  ; Veciana, Jaume artículo
openAccessMunoz_RCSAdv_2016_postprint.pdf.jpg22-Feb-2016Optimized polarization build-up times in dissolution DNP-NMR using a benzyl amino derivative of BDPAMuñoz Gómez, José L ; Monteagudo, Eva; Lloveras, Vega ; Parella, Teodor; Veciana, Jaume ; Vidal Gancedo, José  artículo
openAccessBADETTI-Macrom-2014-postprint.pdf.jpg25-Nov-2014Radical dendrimers: a family of five generations of phosphorus dendrimers functionalized with TEMPO radicalsBadetti, Elena ; Lloveras, Vega ; Muñoz Gómez, José L.; Sebastián, Rosa M.; Sebastián, Rosa M.; Caminade, Anne M.; Majoral, Jean P.; Veciana, Jaume ; Vidal Gancedo, José  artículo
openAccessCalbo-ChemEurJ-2013-postprint.pdf.jpg2-Dec-2013Tetrathiafulvalene-based mixed-valence acceptor-donor-acceptor triads: A joint theoretical and experimental approachCalbo, Joaquín; Aragó, Juan; Otón, Francisco ; Lloveras, Vega ; Mas Torrent, Marta ; Vidal Gancedo, José  ; Veciana, Jaume ; Rovira, Concepció ; Ortí, Enriqueartículo