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openAccess10.1016-j.jet.2010.03.004.pdf.jpgene-2011A comment on "School choice: An experimental study" [J. Econ. Theory 127 (1) (2006) 202-231]Calsamiglia, Caterina; Haeringer, Guillaume; Klijn, Flip  Pre-print
openAccess87711.pdf.jpg27-jun-2011A Many-to-Many 'Rural Hospital Theorem'Klijn, Flip  Documento de trabajo
openAccessKlijn-JMathematicalEconomics-2014-v54-p63.pdf.jpg30-ago-2014A many-to-many 'rural hospital theorem'Klijn, Flip  ; Yazici, AyseArtículo
openAccessKlijn-A-many-to-many-GSEWorkingPaper-2014-n567.pdf.jpgjun-2011A Many-to-Many Rural Hospital TheoremKlijn, Flip  ; Yazici, AyseDocumento de trabajo
embargoedAccessKlijn-2016-EconLetters-v139-p72.pdf.jpg1-feb-2016Affirmative action through minority reserves: An experimental study on school choiceKlijn, Flip  ; Pais, Joana; Vorsatz, MarcArtículo
openAccessKlijn-Affirmative-action-GSEWorkingPaper-2014-n752.pdf.jpgfeb-2014Affirmative Action through Minority Reserves: An Experimental Study on School ChoiceKlijn, Flip  ; Pais, Joana; Vorsatz, MarcComunicación de congreso
openAccessAsymmetrically Fair Rules.pdf.jpg2012Asymmetrically fair rules for an indivisible good problem with a budget constraintJaramillo, Paula; Kayi, Çagatay; Klijn, Flip  Documento de trabajo
openAccessKlijn-SocialChoiceWelfare-2014-v43-p603.pdf.jpg26-feb-2014Asymmetrically Fair Rules for an Indivisible Good Problem with a Budget ConstraintJaramillo, Paula; Kayi, Çagatay; Klijn, Flip  Artículo
openAccess67106.pdf.jpgmar-2007Constrained School ChoiceHaeringer, Guillaume; Klijn, Flip  Documento de trabajo
openAccess75708.pdf.jpg17-nov-2008Constrained School Choice: An Experimental StudyCalsamiglia, Caterina; Haeringer, Guillaume; Klijn, Flip  Documento de trabajo
openAccess62404.pdf.jpg27-sep-2004A Cooperative Approach to Queue Allocation of Indivisible ObjectsHamers, Herbert; Klijn, Flip  ; Slikker, Marco; Van Velzen, BasDocumento de trabajo
openAccess62804.pdf.jpg31-ene-2006Corrigendum to ''On Randomized Matching Mechanisms'' [Economic Theory 8(1996) 377-381]Klaus, Bettina; Klijn, Flip  Documento de trabajo
openAccess65305.pdf.jpg15-sep-2005Corrigendum: Stable Matchings and Preferences of CouplesKlaus, Bettina; Klijn, Flip  Documento de trabajo
openAccess70807.pdf.jpg18-jun-2007Corrigendum: Stable Matchings and Preferences of Couples [Revised Version]Klaus, Bettina; Klijn, Flip  ; Nakamura, ToshifumiDocumento de trabajo
openAccess60204.pdf.jpg6-feb-2004Distribution Center Consolidation GamesKlijn, Flip  ; Slikker, MarcoDocumento de trabajo
openAccess62704.pdf.jpg17-ene-2006Employment by Lotto RevisitedKlaus, Bettina; Klijn, Flip  Documento de trabajo
openAccessKlijn_economics_letters_2016.pdf.jpgjul-2016Equilibria of deferred acceptance with complete listsKlaus, Bettina; Klijn, Flip  Artículo
openAccessKlijn-GamesEconomicBehavior-2013-v82-p693.pdf.jpg2-oct-2013Equilibria under deferred acceptance: Dropping strategies, filled positions, and welfareJaramillo, Paula; Kayi, Çagatay; Klijn, Flip  Artículo
openAccess69407.pdf.jpg13-abr-2007The Evolution of Roommate Networks: A Comment on Jackson and Watts JET (2002)Klaus, Bettina; Klijn, Flip  ; Walzl, MarkusDocumento de trabajo
openAccess61604.pdf.jpg1-mar-2006Fair and Efficient Student Placement with CouplesKlaus, Bettina; Klijn, Flip  Documento de trabajo