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openAccess1-Mar-2016Bio-sourced mesoporous carbon doped with heteroatoms (N,S) synthesised using one-step hydrothermal process for water remediation.Roldán, Laura; Marco, Yanila; García-Bordejé, José Enrique Pre-print
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Biobased catalyst in biorefinery processes: sulphonated hydrothermal carbon for glycerol esterificationCalle, Carlos de la; Fraile, José M. ; García-Bordejé, José Enrique ; Pires, Elísabet; Roldán, LauraArtículo
openAccess22-Feb-2016Carbon nanofibers doped with nitrogen for the continuous catalytic ozonation of organic pollutantsRestivo, J.; García-Bordejé, José Enrique ; Órfão, J.J.M.; Pereira, M.F.R.Pre-print
openAccesspostprint CHEMSUSCHEM 7(9)2014.pdf.jpgSep-2014Carbon nanofibers modified with boron, phosphorous and nitrogen as metal-free catalyst for propane oxidative dehydrogenationGarcía-Bordejé, José Enrique Artículo
openAccessSECAT13-Carboneshidrotermales.pdf.jpg2013Carbones hidrotermales sulfonados: materiales altamente eficaces en la esterificación de materias primas renovablesCalle, Carlos de la; Fraile, José M. ; García-Bordejé, José Enrique ; Pires, Elísabet; Roldán, LauraComunicación de congreso
openAccessCatalytic ozonation of metolachlor.....2012.pdf.jpg4-Sep-2012Catalytic ozonation of metolachlor under continuous operation using nanocarbon materials grown on a ceramic monolithRestivo, J.; Órfão, J.J.M.; Armenise, Sabino; García-Bordejé, José Enrique ; Pereira, M.F.R.Artículo
openAccessesterificationfattyacid.pdf.jpg2015Catalytic performance and deactivation of sulfonated hydrothermal carbon in the esterification of fatty acids: Comparison with sulfonic solids of different natureFraile, José M. ; García-Bordejé, José Enrique ; Pires, Elísabet; Roldán, LauraArtículo
openAccessControl of nitrogen insertion.....2012.pdf.jpg2012Control of nitrogen insertion during the growth of nitrogen-containing carbon nanofibers on cordierite monolith wallsRoldán, Laura; Armenise, Sabino; Marco, Yanila; García-Bordejé, José Enrique Artículo
closedAccessARCHIVO COMODIN DIGITAL CSIC.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2018Control of the microstructure and surface chemistry of graphene aerogels via pH and time manipulation by a hydrothermal methodGarcía-Bordejé, José Enrique ; Víctor-Román, Sandra; Sanahuja-Parejo, Olga; Benito, Ana M. ; Maser, Wolfgang K. Artículo
openAccessDeactivation of sulfonated.pdf.jpg2012Deactivation of sulfonated hydrothermal carbons in the presence of alcohols: Evidences for sulfonic esters formationFraile, José M. ; García-Bordejé, José Enrique ; Roldán, LauraArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Elucidation of catalyst support effect for NH3 decomposition using Ru nanoparticles on nitrogen-functionalized carbon nanofiber monolithsArmenise, Sabino; Roldán, Laura; Marco, Yanila; Monzón Bescós, Antonio; García-Bordejé, José Enrique Artículo
closedAccess2010Functionalization of carbon nanofibers coated on cordierite monoliths by oxidative treatmentArmenise, Sabino; Nebra, Marcos; García-Bordejé, José Enrique ; Monzón Bescós, AntonioComunicación de congreso
openAccessISGC2-Heterogeneouscatalysis.pdf.jpg2013Heterogeneous catalysis applied to the synthesis of glycerol derivativesTorres, Miriam de; Fraile, José M. ; García-Bordejé, José Enrique ; Roldán, Laura; Pires, ElísabetComunicación de congreso
openAccesspostprint Catalysis Today.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2015Impact of sulfonated hydrothermal carbon texture and surface chemistry on its catalytic performance in esterification reactionGarcía-Bordejé, José Enrique Artículo
openAccesspreprints_Fuel.pdf.jpg5-Jul-2018In-situ generation of COx-Free H2 by catalytic ammonia decomposition over Ru-Al-MonolithsArmenise, Sabino; Cazaña, Fernando; Monzón, Antonio; García-Bordejé, José Enrique Artículo
openAccessPreprints catalysis Today.pdf.jpg22-Dec-2016Mesoporous carbon doped with N,S heteroatoms prepared by one-pot auto-assembly of molecular precursor for electrocatalytic hydrogen peroxide synthesisRoldán, Laura; Truong-Phuocb,Lai; Ansón Casaos, Alejandro ; García-Bordejé, José Enrique Artículo
closedAccessARCHIVO COMODIN DIGITAL CSIC.pdf.jpg27-May-2018Nanostructured Carbon Materials: Synthesis and ApplicationsAnsón Casaos, Alejandro ; García-Bordejé, José Enrique ; Benito, Ana M. ; Maser, Wolfgang K. Artículo
openAccessGarcia-Bordejé_CHEMSUSCHEM_2017_preprints.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2017Origin of the excellent performance of Ru on nitrogen-doped carbon nanofibers for CO2 hydrogenation to CH4Roldán, Laura; Marco, Yanila; García-Bordejé, José Enrique Artículo
closedAccessARCHIVO COMODIN DIGITAL CSIC.pdf.jpg6-Mar-2019Reduced graphene oxide aerogels with controlled continuous microchannels for environmental remediationRodríguez-Mata, Vanesa; González Domínguez, José Miguel; Benito, Ana M. ; Maser, Wolfgang K. ; García-Bordejé, José Enrique Artículo
openAccess2015Self-assembled graphene aerogel and nanodiamond hybrid as high performance catalyst in oxidative propane dehydrogenationRoldán, Laura; Benito, Ana M. ; García-Bordejé, José Enrique Pre-print