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Welcome to DIGITAL.CSIC, the repository of the Spanish National Research Council.

DIGITAL.CSIC organizes, preserves and provides open access to CSIC research outputs.

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Repositorio en labores de mantenimiento (25/05/2018)

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Seed dispersal events in a fragmented Mediterranean landscape, with seed dissemination promoted by animal frugivores.
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CSIC Abierto 17 Out [22/05/2018]
This new issue of our bulletin brings a new design and addresses three hot topics in open access repositories: management and access to research software, implementation of open science projects and open peer reviews and the future of scholarly evaluation system.

Registration open for the Workshop "Open Science: Opportunities, good practices and tools" [10/05/2018]
DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office will deliver a new workshop entitled "Open Science: Opportunities, good practices and tools" next October 29-30-31. This workshop is part of CSIC Training Programme for institutional community and registration is open from May 14 through May 25 on CSIC website intranet.

How to comply with Open Access mandates through DIGITAL.CSIC? [10/05/2018]
On April 20 and 27, 2018 DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office organized two webinars for CSIC scientific and technical community to explain main components of open access mandates by H2020 and Spain's National Research Plan and H2020 open data pilot programme as well as DIGITAL.CSIC services.

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