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Digital.CSIC Submission Form: Submitting papers to be filed in the Digital.CSIC Institutional Repository
The Digital.CSIC Submission Form has been designed as a tool for easing up communication between authors and supporting services in order to deposit research works in the Digital.CSIC IR. This submission procedure offers authors a simple way to send papers to the Digital.CSIC Technical Office for them to be filed in the repository. The submission form allows authors to include additional information describing their papers as well as attaching the full-text file itself. This additional information will be particularly useful for the deposit of materials such as proceedings or contributions to congresses, whose bibliographic description is often harder to obtain when not supplied by the own authors. The form fields –which were limited to the minimum possible number– can be easily filled in through a simple copy-paste routine.

The list of CSIC Research Institutes offering the Digital.CSIC Mediated Archiving Service via their libraries may be checked here. The rest of submissions are directly processed by the Digital.CSIC Technical Office

Does the form require a file to be attached?
Yes. The Digital.CSIC Open Access philosophy requires access to the full-text of the documents to be provided.

What type of file formats can be attached?
Any type of file that contains information on the submitted work can be attached, including the usual pdf or doc formats as well as ppt files, graphic, sound or multimedia files.

Is there any restriction on the attached file size?
Yes. Due to the limits set by the CSIC mail servers, the attached file size shall not exceed 5 MB. Otherwise the form won't be able to process the submission and will suggest using an alternative method for submitting the file.

Is it possible to supply more than just one file per submission?
Presently the Digital.CSIC Submission Form allows a single-file attachment per submission, so consecutive submissions would be required in order to attach several files to the same document. Another feasible option would be to create and attach a single zip file containing the whole set of files associated to the document. The tool might be updated in order to allow multi-file attachment if a clear demand to further develop the form functionality was detected at the initial stages of its setting up.

What versions of a paper may be submitted?
The information about versions in this paragraph applies just to journal papers, as they are the kind of material to which publishers’ copyright policies and restrictions may apply.
The information about versions in this paragraph applies just to journal papers, as they are the kind of material to which publishers’ copyright policies and restrictions may apply. The general procedure to determine the right version of a paper to submit is to previously check the publisher’s policy regarding deposit in Institutional Repositories at the online directory SHERPA RoMEO, http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo/. The indications contained in this website should be followed when submitting final publisher pdf or post-print versions. In case the RoMEO indications are not clear enough, the author may submit the publisher’s final pdf file. In these cases the Digital.CSIC Technical Office will check the permissions and deposit this file in the repository when allowed by the publisher. Otherwise the work will be filed in Digital.CSIC as a reference record without any attached file. Note.- Regarding the publishers’ copyright policies for paper submission to institutional repositories, it should be noticed that publishers such as Elsevier or Springer do only allow submission of post-print versions to institutional repositories, that is, the final author manuscript after peer-review.

Who receives the submissions?
According to the original design of the Digital.CSIC Submission Form, submissions made from this form will be received and processed by the Digital.CSIC Technical Office, which will send a confirmation mail to the submitter when the work is filed in the repository. Depending on library availability, submissions may eventually be derived to the institute libraries so the deposit service may be performed in a distributed manner.