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Open Access item Critical Notice of Subject, Thought and Context

Authors:Peña, Lorenzo
Liz, Manuel
Keywords:Tierra gemela, Individualismo semántico, Materia, Contenido amplio, Putnam, Contenido estrecho, Quine, Willard Van Orman, Pettit, McDowell, Filosofía del lenguaje, Filosofía de la mente, Twin Earth, Meaning individualism, Stuff, Broad content, Narrow content, Philosophy of language, Philosophy of mind
Issue Date:1994
Publisher:Bar-Ilan University (Israel)
Citation:Philosophia 24/1-2 Bar Ilan University (Israel) december 1994 pp. 235-48
Abstract:The main starting point of many of the contributions collected into the book is the kind of Twin Earth considerations, along with meaning individualism. Is Putnam's claim about water in this world and a stuff in an alternative world being different materials?. Is meaning in the head? One seems allowed to be skeptical about the starting point of the debate between such as emphasize broad content and those who think that the basic semantic entities are narrow contents, which would fail to be world-dependent or world-oriented. The kind of motivations prompting the essays collected into the book are likely to be regarded as in need of a deeper elucidation by such as have been more or less influenced by Quine. Pettit & McDowell's collection of essays is one of the books most scholars interested in the confines of philosophy of language and philosophy of mind will find worth reading.
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