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Título : The beta 2p decay mechanism of Ar-31
Otros títulos: The β2p decay mechanism of Ar-31
Autor : Fynbo, H. O. U., García Borge, María José, Axelsson, L., Äystö, J., Bergmann, U. C., Fraile, Luis M., Honkanen, A., Hornshøj, P., Jading, Y., Jokinen, A., Jonson, B., Martel, Ismael, Mukha, I., Nilsson, T., Nyman, G., Oinonen, M., Piqueras, Inmaculada, Riisager, K., Siiskonen, T., Smedberg, M. H., Tengblad, Olof, Thaysen, J., Wenander, F.
Palabras clave : Ar-31(β(+)(p)) [from Ca(p,3pxn) reaction]
Measured β-delayed protons E-p, E-2p
pp energy and angular correlations
Ar-31 deduced β1p and β2p decay channels
S-30, Cl-31 deduced levels, T, π, branching ratios
CaO target
On-line mass separation
Double sided Si strip detector
Si p-i-n detectors
Surface barrier Si detector
Delayed 2-proton emission
Proton emission
Fecha de publicación : 15-Aug-2000
Citación : Nuclear Physics A 677(1-4): 38–60 (2000)
Resumen: We have measured the beta-decay of Ar-31 with a high granularity setup sensitive to multiparticle decay branches. Two-proton emission is observed from the isobaric analog state in Cl-31 to the four lowest states in P-29 and furthermore from a large number of states fed in Gamow-Teller transitions. The mechanism of two-proton emission is studied via energy and angular correlations between the two protons. In all cases the mechanism is found to be sequential yielding information about states in S-30 up to 8 MeV excitation energy. Improved data on the beta-delayed one-proton branches together with the two-proton data provide precise information about the beta-strength distribution up to 15 MeV excitation energy.
Descripción : 23 pages, 10 figures.-- PACS nrs.: 23.40.Hc; 27.30.+t.-- Printed version published on Sep 11, 2000.
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ISSN: 0375-9474
DOI: 10.1016/S0375-9474(00)00248-7
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