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Open Access item Advances, problems and perspectives in the study of social inequality in Iberian Late Prehistory

Authors:Díaz-del-Río, Pedro
García Sanjuán, Leonardo
Keywords:Social inequality, Neolithic, Copper age, Bronze age, Iberian Peninsula, Historiography, rchaeological Theory, Labour Mobilisation
Issue Date:2006
Citation:Bar International Series, 2006, VOL 1525, págs. 1-9
Abstract:This paper attempts a general assessment of the contributions included in this volume. We examine three main kinds of problems related to the research on social inequality in Iberian Late Prehistory. These are theoretical, empirical and interpretative. Among the first, we comment upon the very definition of social inequality, the taxonomical categories employed in social evolution, as well as the main factors causing inequality, with special attention to labour force mobilisation. Among the second, we highlight some weaknesses of the Iberian archaeological record for the investigation of the subject matter, such as the limitations of the absolute chronology or the settlement record. Finally, we discuss the propositions that have been put forward to understand the forms that social inequality took among Neolithic, Copper and Bronze Age communities, concluding that Iberian archaeologists would much benefit from a comparative perspective.
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