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Open Access item Graham Priest's 'Dialetheism' -- Is It Althogether True?

Authors:Peña, Lorenzo
Keywords:Lógica paraconsistente, Graham Priest, Dialeteísmo, Contradicción, Grados de verdad, Paraconsistent logic, Dialetheism, Contradiction, Degrees of truth
Issue Date:1996
Citation:Sorites, nº 7. Novembre 1996, pp. 28-56
Abstract:Graham Priest's book In Contradiction is a bold defense of the existence of true contradictions. Although Priest's case is impressive, and many of his arguments are correct, his approach is not the only one allowing for true contradictions. As against Priest's, there is at least one contradictorialist approach which establishes a link between true contradictions and degrees of truth. All in all, such an alternative is more conservative, closer to mainstream analytical philosophy. The two approaches differ as regards the floodgate problem. Priest espouses a confinement policy banning contradictions except in a few special domains, particularly those of pure semantics and set-theory (and perhaps arithmetics), whereas the alternative approach admits two negations -- natural or weak negation and strong negation, the latter being classical; accordingly, the alternative approach prohibits any contradiction involving strong negation, thus providing a syntactic test of what contradictions have to be rejected.
Publisher version (URL):http://www.sorites.org/
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