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Open Access item Decolorization of synthetic dyes by laccase immobilized on epoxy-activated carriers

Authors:Kunamneni, Adinarayana
Ghazi, Iraj
Camarero, Susana
Ballesteros, Antonio
Plou Gasca, Francisco José
Alcalde Galeote, Miguel
Keywords:Covalent immobilization, Epoxy Carriers, Acrylic polymers, Synthetic dyes, Biocatalysis, Biotransformation
Issue Date:2009
Citation:Process Biochemistry 43, 169-178 (2008)
Abstract:The Myceliophthora thermophila laccase was covalently immobilized on polymethacrylate-based polymers (Sepabeads EC-EP3 and Dilbeads NK) activated with epoxy groups. The enzyme immobilized on Sepabeads EC-EP3 exhibited notable activity (203 U/g) along with remarkably improved stability towards pH, temperature and storage time, but no increased resistance to organic solvents. In addition, the immobilized laccase also showed good operational stability, maintaining 84% of its initial activity after 17 cycles of oxidation of ABTS. The immobilized biocatalyst was applied to the decolorization of six synthetic dyes. Immobilized laccase retained 41% activity in the decolorization of Methyl Green in a fixed-bed reactor after five cycles. The features of these biocatalysts are very attractive for their application on the decolorization of dyes in the textile industry in batch and continuous fixed-bed bioreactors. To our knowledge, this is the first report on immobilization of laccase on Sepabeads carriers and its efficient dyes decolorization.
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