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Open Access item Effect of particle size on kinetics crystallization of an iron-rich glass

Other Titles:Efecto del tamaño de partícula en la cinética de cristalización de un vidrio enriquecido en hierro
Authors:Romero, Maximina
Kovacova, Milota
Rincón López, Jesús María
Keywords:iron-rich glass, Crystallization kinetics, Non-isothermal DTA analysis
Issue Date:2008
Citation:Journal of Materials Science, 43 (2008) 4135-4142
Abstract:The effect of glass particle size on the crystallization kinetics of an iron-rich glass from a nickel leaching waste has been investigated by means of differential thermal analysis (DTA). The results show that the crystallization of a pyroxene phase occurs by bulk nucleation from a constant number of nuclei. The crystallization mode and the dimensionality of crystals are strongly dependent of the glass particle size, being 100µm the critical size. Glass fractions with particle size >100µm show three-dimensional crystals growth controlled by diffusion whereas a particle size <100µm leads to an interface reaction mechanism with two-dimensional growth of crystals.
Publisher version (URL):http://www.springerlink.com/content/r5162x37n13k22u7/fulltext.html
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