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Open Access item The in-medium (K)[overline]N interaction within a chiral unitary approach

Authors:Tolós, Laura
Ramos, Àngels
Oset, Eulogi
Keywords:Finite momentum, Dynamics, Hypernuclei, Matter, Atoms
Issue Date:Feb-2007
Publisher:Publication Office, Progress of Theoretical Physics
Citation:Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement 168: 635-638 (2007)
Abstract:The s- and p-wave contributions to the (K)[overline]N interaction in dense nuclear matter are obtained using a chiral unitary approach. We perform a self-consistent calculation of the (K) [overline] self-energy including Pauli blocking effects, meson self-energies modified by short-range correlations and baryon binding potentials. We find that the on-shell factorization cannot be applied to evaluate the in-medium corrections to p-wave amplitudes. Furthermore, the Λ and Σ develop a mass shift of -30 MeV at saturation density while the Σ* width increases to 80 MeV. We conclude that no deep and narrow (K)[overline] bound states could be observed.
Description:4 pages, 2 figures.-- ISI Article Identifier: 000251015200096.-- ArXiv pre-print available at: http://arxiv.org/abs/nucl-th/0702089
Also published in: Proceedings of the Yukawa International Seminar (YKIS2006) on "New Frontiers on QCD", Kyoto, Japan, Nov 20-Dec 8, 2006.
Publisher version (URL):http://ptp.ipap.jp/link?PTPS/168/635/
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