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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1openAccess2010_17.pdf.jpg2010Space- and time- dependent probabilities for earthquake fault systems from numerical simulations: feasibility study and first resultsAalsburg, Jordan van; Rundle, J. B.; Grant, Lisa B.; Rundle, Paul B.; Yakolev, Gleb; Turcotte, Donald L.; Donnellan, Andrea; Tiampo, Kristy F.; Fernández Torres, José artículo
2openAccessAsymmetrically Fair Rules.pdf.jpg2012Asymmetrically fair rules for an indivisible good problem with a budget constraintJaramillo, Paula; Kayi, Çagatay; Klijn, Flip  documento de trabajo
3openAccessCOMUNICACIONES_A_CONGRESOS314986[1].pdf.jpgJun-2010Auscultación de la ladera de la margen izquierda del embalse de ItoizGómez López de Munain, René; Fernández Torres, José comunicación de congreso
4openAccess2010_5.pdf.jpg2010Application of CPT, an advanced DInSAR technique, to study surface displacement near Itoiz dam, Navarra, SpainFernández Torres, José ; Arjona, Alicia ; Prieto, Juan Francisco; Santoyo, Miguel Ángel ; Seco, Andrés; Monells Miralles, Daniel; Pallero, J. L. G.; Prieto, E.; Luzón, Francisco; Mallorquí Franquet, Jordi Joancomunicación de congreso
5closedAccess2010Global optimization of the Gauss conformal mappings of an ellipsoid to a sphereBermejo, Mercedes; Otero Juez, Jesús artículo
6closedAccess25-Feb-2010A subsurface stress analysis and its possible relation with seismicity near the Itoiz Reservoir, Navarra, Northern SpainSantoyo, Miguel Ángel ; García-Jerez, Antonio; Luzón, Franciscoartículo
7openAccess2010_1.pdf.jpg2010Deformation analysis employing the Coherent Pixel Technique and ENVISAT and ERS images in Canary IslandsMonells Miralles, Daniel; Arjona, Alicia ; Fernández Torres, José ; Duque Biarge, Sergio; Mallorquí Franquet, Jordi Joancomunicación de congreso
8openAccess2010_2.pdf.jpg2010On the applicability of an advanced DInSAR technique near Itoiz and Yesa reservoirs, Navarra, Spain.Arjona, Alicia ; Santoyo, Miguel Ángel ; Fernández Torres, José ; Monells Miralles, Daniel; Prieto, Juan Francisco; Pallero, J. L. G.; Prieto, E.; Seco, Andrés; Luzón, Francisco; Mallorquí Franquet, Jordi Joancomunicación de congreso
9openAccessTesis_Benavent.pdf.jpg2010Estudio metodológico del efecto oceánico indirecto y desarrollo de modelos de carga oceánica: aplicaciones geodésicas para la Península Ibérica y CanariasBenavent, M. tesis doctoral
10openAccess2010_16.pdf.jpg16-Dec-2010Long-term versus short-term deformation processes at Tenerife (Canary Islands)Tizzani, P.; Manconi, Andrea; Zeni, G.; Pepe, A.; Manzo, M.; Camacho, Antonio G.  ; Fernández Torres, José artículo
11openAccessJGR_2011_116_B10401.pdf.jpg5-Oct-2011Simultaneous inversion of surface deformation and gravity changes by means of extended bodies with a free geometry: Application to deforming calderasCamacho, Antonio G.  ; González Méndez, Pablo José  ; Fernández Torres, José ; Berrino, Giovannaartículo
12openAccessJGR_2011_116_B02413.pdf.jpg26-Feb-2011A new gravity inversion method for multiple subhorizontal discontinuity interfaces and shallow basinsCamacho, Antonio G.  ; Fernández Torres, José ; Gottsmann, Joachim artículo
13closedAccess15-Feb-2010Mass variations in response to magmatic stress changes at soufrière Hills Volcano Montserrat (W. I.): insights from 4-D gravity dataHautmann, S.; Gottsmann, Joachim ; Camacho, Antonio G.  ; Fournier, N.; Sacks, I. S.; Sparks, R. Stephen J.artículo
14closedAccess1-Sep-2010Shallow flank deformation at Cumbre Vieja volcano (Canary Islands): implications on the stability of steep-sided volcano flanks at oceanic islandsGonzález Méndez, Pablo José  ; Tiampo, Kristy F.; Camacho, Antonio G.  ; Fernández Torres, José artículo
15openAccess2010_13.pdf.jpg2010Inferences from gravity data interpretation of the volcanic complexes of the Terceira Island (Azores)González Montesinos, Fuensanta; Nunes, Joao Carlos; Arnoso, José  ; Luque Martínez, Teresa; Medeiros, Sara; Benavent, M. ; Vieira, Ricardo reseña de libro
16openAccess2010_3.pdf.jpg2010Ocean tide loading effects on new gravity tide measurements made at south of SpainArnoso, José  ; Benavent, M. ; González Montesinos, Fuensantareseña de libro
17openAccess2010_14.pdf.jpg25-Aug-2010Ground deformation occurring in the city of Auckland, New Zealand, and observed by Envisat interferometric synthetic aperture radar during 2003–2007Samsonov, Sergey; Tiampo, Kristy F.; González Méndez, Pablo José  ; Manville, Vernon; Jolly, Gillartículo
18closedAccess2010L-band and C-band InSAR studies of African volcanic areasWauthier, C.; Oyen, A.; Marinkovic, P.; Cayol, V.; Fernández Torres, José ; González Méndez, Pablo José  ; Hanssen, Ramón F.; Kervyn, F.; D'Oreye, N.; Shirzaei, M.; Walter, Thomascomunicación de congreso
19openAccessGRI_2011_184_934.pdf.jpgFeb-2011Source parameters of the 2008 Bukavu-Cyangugu earthquake estimated from InSAR and teleseismic dataD'Oreye, N.; González Méndez, Pablo José  ; Shuler, Ashley; Oth, Adrien; Bagalwa, Louis; Ekström, Göran; Kavotha, Déogratias; Kervyn, F.; Lucas, Celia; Lukay, François; Osodundu, Etoy; Wauthier, C.; Fernández Torres, José artículo
20openAccessPáginas de COMUNICACIONES_A_CONGRESOS314985[1].pdf.jpg2010Optical satellite images for co-seismic horizontal offsets estimate and fault trace mapping using Phase-corr techniqueChini, Marco; González Méndez, Pablo José  ; Stramondo, Salvatore; Fernández Torres, José comunicación de congreso
21closedAccessMay-2010Coseismic horizontal offsets and fault-trace mapping using phase correlation of IRS satellite images: the 1999 Izmit (Turkey) earthquakeGonzález Méndez, Pablo José  ; Chini, Marco; Stramondo, Salvatore; Fernández Torres, José artículo
22openAccessPhDThesisGonzalez_final.pdf.jpg2010Medida y caracterización de deformaciones usando técnicas geodésicas y de teledetección. Aplicación en volcanología y sismotectónica.González Méndez, Pablo José  tesis doctoral
23openAccess2010_9.pdf.jpg2010Study of the present-day tectonics and seismogenetic sources of the Al-Hoceima region (Morocco) using GPS and MTInSAR.González Méndez, Pablo José  ; Palano, Mimmo; Fernández Torres, José comunicación de congreso
24closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg29-Apr-2016A model of secessionsEsteban, Joan  comunicación de congreso
Results 1-24 of 24 (Search time: 0.654 seconds).
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