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Open Access item Socio-economic aspects of gamebird hunting, hunting bags, and assessment of the status of gamebird populations in REGHAB countries. Part 1: Socio-economic and cultural aspects of gamebird hunting

Authors:Martínez-Padilla, Jesús
Viñuela, Javier
Villafuerte, Rafael
Keywords:Gamebird hunting, Biodiversity, Raptor conservation, Wildlife, Galliforms, Waterfowl, Raptor-prey relationships
Issue Date:Apr-2002
Publisher:CSIC-UCLM - Instituto de Investigación en Recursos Cinegéticos (IREC)
Citation:REGHAB Project. Report on Workpackage 1
Abstract:This report is a result of the Concerted Action Reconciling Gamebird Hunting and Biodiversity (REGHAB, hereafter), within the V Framework Program of the European Union. We will address here the objectives of the first workpackage in that project, dealing with socio-economic, cultural and biological variation of gamebird hunting in Europe. On this report, we have centred the information on Galliforms, the main gamebird species in Europe, although some information will be provided for other groups of birds. Waterfowl are a highly peculiar group in many respects (habitat, hunting methods, spatial concentration, etc.), and they are relatively little important in terms of hunting bags, except in the case of Finland, and only marginal information has been included for this group.
Description:52 pages.-- REGHAB Project: Report on Workpackage 1 – Deliverable no 6.1.
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