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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1998Some clues about the Napoli and Milano mud volcanoes from an integrated log-core approachJurado, Maria José  ; Martínez-Ruiz, Franciscaartículo
2closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2018Estimats volcans. El vulcanisme, del Pacífic a la GarrotxaFolch, A.; Martí Molist, Joan  ; Planagumà, Llorençlibro
3openAccessSobradelo-Martí2018_Chapter_UsingStatisticsToQuantifyAndCo.pdf.jpg2018Using Statistics to Quantify and Communicate Uncertainty During Volcanic CrisesSobradelo, R.; Martí Molist, Joan  capítulo de libro
4openAccessGeyer_Scientific_report_9_1_373.pdf.jpgFeb-2019Deciphering the evolution of Deception Island’s magmatic systemGeyer, Adelina  ; Álvarez-Valero, A. M.; Gisbert, G.; Aulinas, M.; Hernández Barreña, David; Lobo, Agustín  ; Martí Molist, Joan  artículo
5openAccessGeyer_EGU2018-8215_presentacion.pdf.jpg2018Historic hydrovolcanism at Deception Island (Antarctica): eruptive dynamics and hazards implicationsPedrazzi, Dario  ; Nemeth, K.; Geyer, Adelina  ; Álvarez-Valero, A. M.; Aguirre-Díaz, Gerardo ; Bartolini, Stefania comunicación de congreso
6openAccessGeyer_poster_EGU_2005.pdf.jpg2005Numerical modelling of the effects of Young's modulus on fault displacementGeyer, Adelina  ; Gudmundsson, A.póster de congreso
7openAccessposter_ccalderasw_ronchinetal_v4GEYER.pdf.jpg2012Structures of Rabaul caldera: new insights from numerical and analogue modelsRonchin, Erika ; Geyer, Adelina  ; Saunders, S.; Dawson, J.; Martí Molist, Joan  póster de congreso
8openAccess2005Experimental and Numerical Estudies of Collapse Calderas: a comparisonGeyer, Adelina  ; Martí Molist, Joan  ; Folch, A.presentación
9openAccessGeyer_AGU2011poster_2.pdf.jpg2011Applying Benford’s Law to volcanologyGeyer, Adelina  ; Martí Molist, Joan  póster de congreso
10openAccessCortes_EGU2017-10598.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2017>Land of Volcanoes> workshop: a first step in Earth Sciences for >L' Alzina> Public School primary students (4-5 years old)Cortés, Jordi; Geyer, Adelina  ; Díaz , Mabelcomunicación de congreso
11openAccessBolos_poster_egu2012_2162.pdf.jpg22-Apr-2012Investigation of the inner structure of La Crosa de Sant Dalmai maar (Catalan Volcanic Zone, Spain)Bolós, Xavier ; Barde-Cabusson Stéphanie ; Pedrazzi, Dario  ; Martí Molist, Joan  ; Casas, A.; Himi, M.; Lovera, R.; Geyer, Adelina  póster de congreso
12closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg22-Nov-2017Potential ash impact from Antarctic volcanoes: Insights from Deception Island's most recent eruptionFolch, A.; Marti, A.; Geyer, Adelina  ; Giralt, Santiago  comunicación de congreso
13openAccessGeyer_poster_EGU_2017_5928.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2017How natural hazards influence Internet searchesGeyer, Adelina  ; Martí Molist, Joan  ; Villaseñor, Antonio  póster de congreso
14openAccessJurado_EGU2013-12426-2.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2013Monitoring El Hierro submarine volcanic eruption events with a submarine seismic arrayJurado, Maria José  ; Molino, Erik; López, Carmencomunicación de congreso
15openAccess2008Ground deformation at collapse calderas: Influence of host rock lithology and reservoir multiplicityGeyer, Adelina  presentación
16openAccessMarti_EGU2017-17325.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2017Early signs of geodynamic activity before the 2011-2012 El Hierro eruptionLópez, Carmen; García-Cañada, Laura; Martí Molist, Joan  ; Domínguez Cerdeña, I.comunicación de congreso
17openAccessGeyer_V43B_2894_croscat_poster.pdf.jpg9-Dec-2013Studying monogenetic volcanoes with Terrestrial Laser Scanner: Case study at Croscat volcano (Garrotxa Volcanic Zone, Spain)Geyer, Adelina  ; García-Sellés, D.; Pedrazzi, Dario  ; Barde-Cabusson Stéphanie ; Martí Molist, Joan  ; Muñoz, Josep A.póster de congreso
18openAccessMarti_EGU2017-4668-2.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2017Tectonic triggers of silicic caldera-forming eruptionsMartí Molist, Joan  ; López, Carmencomunicación de congreso
19openAccessGiralt_Scientific_Report_8_17279.pdf.jpgDec-2018The timing and widespread effects of the largest Holocene volcanic eruption in AntarcticaAntoniades, D.; Giralt, Santiago  ; Geyer, Adelina  ; Álvarez-Valero, A. M.; Pla-Rabes, S.; Granados, I.; Liu, E. J.; Toro, M.; Smellie, J. L.; Oliva, Marcartículo
20closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2-Sep-2018Defining the initial development strategy for the Borinquen geothermal field (Cañas Dulces caldera, Costa Rica)Martí Molist, Joan  ; Molina, F.actas de congreso
21embargoedAccessTFM_Joaquín_Hopfenblatt_APPENDIX.pdf.jpg4-Jul-2019Characterisation of the submarine cone Stanley Patch, Deception Island (Antarctica): Implications for volcanic hazard assessments.Hopfenblatt Hours, Joaquínproyecto fin de carrera
22openAccess8-Jul-2019Updated Version of the Collapse Caldera Database (CCDB)Geyer, Adelina  ; Martí Molist, Joan  ; Pedrazzi, Dario  póster de congreso
23openAccessMarti_Goldschmidt.pdf.jpg18-Aug-2019Magma hybridization recorded in banded pumices from the 0.17 Ma El Abrigo eruption, Tenerife: preliminary resultsGonzález-García, Diego; Perugini, D.; Giordano, Daniele ; Vasseur, J.; Martí Molist, Joan  ; Dingwell, Donald Brucecomunicación de congreso
24openAccess22-Jul-2019Deciphering Deception Island's magma plumbing system: An interdisciplinary approachGeyer, Adelina  ; Álvarez-Valero, A. M.; Gisbert, G.; Aulinas, M.; Hernández-Barreña, Daniel; Lobo, Agustín  ; Martí Molist, Joan  ; Giralt, Santiago  póster de congreso
25openAccess4-May-2020Pre-eruptive magmatic processes and their timescales revealed by crystal zoningAlbert, Helena; Sainz-Maza Aparicio, S.; Geyer, Adelina  ; Lopez, Carmencomunicación de congreso
26openAccess4-May-2020Morphometric analysis of the post-caldera monogenetic volcanoes at Deception Island, Antarctica: implications for landform recognition and volcanic hazard assessmentPedrazzi, Dario  ; Kereszturi, G.; Schamuells, Stefania; Lobo, Agustín  ; Calle, Janinapóster de congreso
Results 1-26 of 26 (Search time: 0.108 seconds).
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