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1closedAccess10-Dec-2009Catastrophic flood of the Mediterranean after the Messinian salinity crisisGarcía-Castellanos, Daniel  ; Estrada, Ferran  ; Jimenez-Munt, Ivone  ; Gorini, Christian; Fernandez, Manel  ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Vicente, Raquel deartículo
2closedAccessOct-2008Modelling Gravitational Instabilities: Slab Break–off and Rayleigh–Taylor DiapirismZlotnik, Sergio ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Díaz, P.; Vergés, Jaume  artículo
3closedAccessJul-2008Structural and tectonic evolution of western Cuba fold and thrust beltSaura, Eduard ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Brown, Dennis  ; Lukito, Pujianto; Soriano, Sofía; Torrescusa, Susana; García, Rolando; Sánchez, Jorge R.; Sosa, Carlos; Tenreyro, Rafaelartículo
4closedAccessJun-2009Late Cretaceous–Paleocene formation of the proto–Zagros foreland basin, Lurestan Province, SW IranHomke, S. ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Serra-Kiel, Josep; Bernaola, Gilen; Sharp, Ian; Garcés, Miguel; Montero-Verdú, Ismael; Karpuz, Ridvan; Goodarzi, Mohammad Hassanartículo
5closedAccessMar-2008Lithosphere structure underneath the Tibetan Plateau inferred from elevation, gravity and geoid anomaliesJimenez-Munt, Ivone  ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Platt, John P.artículo
6closedAccessSep-2009Effective elastic thickness of Africa and its relationship to other proxies for lithospheric structure and surface tectonicsPérez-Gussinyé, M.; Metois, M.; Fernandez, Manel  ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Fullea, J. ; Lowry, A. R.artículo
7closedAccessApr-2009Fold patterns and multilayer rheology of the Lurestan Province, Zagros Simply Folded Belt (Iran)Casciello, Emilio ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Saura, Eduard ; Casini, Giulio ; Fernández, Naiara; Blanc, E.; Homke, S. ; Hunt, D.W.artículo
8openAccessVerges.pdf.jpgJun-2003Marine and Transitional Middle/Upper Eocene Units of the Southeastern Pyrenean Foreland Basin (NE Spain)Serra-Kiel, Josep; Travé, A.; Mató, E.; Saula, E.; Ferràndez-Cañadell, C.; Busquets, Pedro; Tosquella, Josep; Vergés, Jaume  artículo
9closedAccessSep-2009Sediment supply from the Betic–Rif orogen to basins through NeogeneIribarren González, Leire; Vergés, Jaume  ; Fernandez, Manel  artículo
10openAccessJimenez-Munt_etal._Tectonics2010-Gorringe.pdf.jpgOct-2010Lithospheric structure of the Gorringe Bank: Insights into its origin and tectonic evolutionJimenez-Munt, Ivone  ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Afonso, Juan Carlos ; García-Castellanos, Daniel  ; Fullea, J. artículo
11closedAccessApr-2011New constraints on the Messinian sealevel drawdown from 3D seismic data of the Ebro Margin, western MediterraneanUrgeles, Roger  ; Camerlenghi, Angelo; García-Castellanos, Daniel  ; De Mol, Ben ; Garcés, Miguel; Vergés, Jaume  ; Haslam, Ian; Hardman, Martinartículo
12closedAccess15-Jan-2004Vertical-axis rotation of a foreland fold and implications for orogenic curvature: an example from the Southern Pyrenees, SpainSussman, Aviva J.; Butler, Robert F.; Dinarès-Turell, J.; Vergés, Jaume  artículo
13openAccessRefolding.pdf.jpgOct-2006Refolding of thin-skinned thrust sheets by active basement-involved thrust faults in the Eastern Precordillera of western ArgentinaMeigs, A.; Krugh, W. C.; Schiffman, C.; Vergés, Jaume  ; Ramos, V. A.artículo
14closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Architecture and orogenic evolution of the northeastern Outer Carpathians from cross-section balancing and forward modelingGlgala, T.; Vergés, Jaume  ; Saura, Eduard ; Malata, T.; Ringenbach, J.-C.; Werner, P.; Krzywiec, P.artículo
15closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Basin architecture and growth folding of the NW Zagros early foreland basin during the Late Cretaceous and early TertiarySaura, Eduard ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Homke, S. ; Blanc, E.; Serra-Kiel, Josep; Bernaola, G.; Casciello, Emilio ; Fernández, Naiara; Romaire, I.; Casini, Giulio ; Embry, J. C.; Sharp, I.R.; Hunt, D.W.artículo
16closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2010Insights in the exhumation history of the NW Zagros from bedrock and detrital apatite fission-track analysis: Evidence for a long-lived orogenyHomke, S. ; Vergés, Jaume  ; van der Beek, P.; Fernandez, Manel  ; Saura, Eduard ; Barbero, L.; Badics, B.; Labrin, E.artículo
17closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Reservoir characteristics of fault-controlled hydrothermal dolomite bodies: Ramales platform case studyDewit, J.; Huysmans, M.; Muchez, P.; Hunt, D.W.; Thurmond, J.B.; Vergés, Jaume  ; Saura, Eduard ; Fernández, Naiara; Romaire, I.; Esestime, P.; Swennen, R.artículo
18closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013The Upper Aptian to Lower Albian syn-rift carbonate succession of the southern Maestrat Basin (Spain): Facies architecture and fault-controlled stratabound dolostonesMartín-Martín, J. D.; Gómez-Rivas, E.; Bover-Arnal, T.; Travé, A.; Salas, R.; Moreno-Bedmar, J. A.; Tomás, S.; Corbella, M.; Teixell, A.; Vergés, Jaume  ; Stafford, S. L.artículo
19openAccessVerges jgrb14855.pdf.jpg2007Crustal wedging triggering recent deformation in the Andean thrust front between 31°S and 33°S: Sierras Pampeanas-Precordillera interactionVergés, Jaume  ; Ramos, V. A.; Meigs, A.; Cristallini, E.; Bettini, F. H.; Cortés, J. M.artículo
20openAccessCasciello Journal of the Geological Society-2013-147-58 Post print.pdf.jpg2013Lower plate geometry controlling the development of a thrust-top basin: The tectonosedimentary evolution of the ofanto basin (Southern Apennines)Casciello, Emilio ; Esestime, P.; Cesarano, M.; Pappone, G.; Snidero, M.; Vergés, Jaume  artículo
21closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Sub-seismic fractures in foreland fold and thrust belts: Insight from the Lurestan Province, Zagros Mountains, IranCasini, Giulio ; Gillespie, P.A.; Vergés, Jaume  ; Romaire, I.; Fernández, Naiara; Casciello, Emilio ; Saura, Eduard ; Mehl, C.; Homke, S. ; Embry, J. C.; Aghajari, L.; Hunt, D.W.artículo
22closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Illite-smectite patterns in sheared Pleistocene mudstones of the Southern Apennines and their implications regarding the process of illitization: A multiscale analysisCasciello, Emilio ; Cosgrove, J.W.; Cesarano, M.; Romero, E. ; Queralt Mitjans, Ignacio ; Vergés, Jaume  artículo
23closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Building the Zagros collisional orogen: Timing, strain distribution and the dynamics of Arabia/Eurasia plate convergenceMouthereau, F.; Lacombe, O.; Vergés, Jaume  artículo
24closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Tethys-Atlantic interaction along the Iberia-Africa plate boundary: The Betic-Rif orogenic systemVergés, Jaume  ; Fernandez, Manel  artículo
25openAccessVerges 2013 Tectonics 32 843.pdf.jpg2013Exhumation of the southern Pyrenean fold-thrust belt (Spain) from orogenic growth to decayRushlow, C.R.; Barnes, J.B.; Ehlers, T.A.; Vergés, Jaume  artículo
26openAccessTunini_Journal_of_Geophysical_Research__Solid_Earth-1.pdf.jpgNov-2017Neotectonic Deformation in Central Eurasia: A Geodynamic Model ApproachTunini, Lavinia ; Jimenez-Munt, Ivone  ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Bird, Peterartículo
27openAccessVerges 2014 marine and Petroleum geology 57 68 versio postprint.pdf.jpg2014Structural evolution of the Kopeh Dagh fold-and-thrust belt (NE Iran) and interactions with the South Caspian Sea Basin and Amu Darya BasinRobert, Alexandra ; Letouzey, J.; Kavoosi, M.A.; Sherkati, S.; Müller, C.; Vergés, Jaume  ; Aghababaei, A.artículo
28embargoedAccessVerges_Journal of Asian Earth Sciences_187_104088_postprint.pdf.jpgNov-2019Evolution of a structural basin: Numerical modelling applied to the Dehdasht Basin, Central Zagros, IranHeydarzadeh, K.; Ruh, Jonas Bruno ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Hajialibeigi, H.; Gharabeigli, G.artículo
29openAccessTunini Geophysical Journal International 200 596.pdf.jpg2015Lithospheric mantle heterogeneities beneath the Zagros Mountains and the Iranian Plateau: A petrological-geophysical studyTunini, Lavinia ; Jimenez-Munt, Ivone  ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Villaseñor, Antonio  artículo
30closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgJul-2015Tectonics, sedimentation and surface processes: from the erosional engine to basin depositionCastelltort, S.; Whittaker, A.; Vergés, Jaume  artículo
31closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015The Alboran Domain in the Western Mediterranean evolution: the birth of a concept.Casciello, Emilio ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Cesarano, M.; Torné, Montserrat  artículo
32openAccessSaura Tectonics 34 377.pdf.jpg2015Modeling the flexural evolution of the Amiran and Mesopotamian foreland basins of NW Zagros (Iran-Iraq)Saura, Eduard ; García-Castellanos, Daniel  ; Casciello, Emilio ; Parravano, V.; Urruela, A.; Vergés, Jaume  artículo
33openAccessevidence_segmentation_iberia_africa_plate_boundary.pdf.jpg7-Aug-2019Evidence of Segmentation in the Iberia–Africa Plate Boundary: A Jurassic Heritage?Fernandez, Manel  ; Torné, Montserrat  ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Casciello, Emilio ; Macchiavelli, Chiara artículo
34closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg17-Jun-2018Seismic imaging of the Eastern Pyrenean beltDiaz, J. ; Chevrot, S.; Vergés, Jaume  ; Ruiz, Mario; Antonio-Vigil, A.; Sylvander, M.comunicación de congreso
35closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgDec-2018Drainage network dynamics and knickpoint evolution in the Ebro and Duero basins: From endorheism to exorheismStruth, Lucía; García-Castellanos, Daniel  ; Viaplana-Muzas, M ; Vergés, Jaume  artículo
36openAccessTorne_ggz424.pdf.jpgOct-2019Regional crustal and lithospheric thickness model for alaska, the chukchi shelf, and the inner and outer bering shelvesTorné, Montserrat  ; Jimenez-Munt, Ivone  ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Carballo, Alberto ; Jadamec, Margareteartículo
37openAccess2019LitMod2D_2.0: An improved tool for the interpretation of upper mantle anomaliesKumar, Ajay ; Jimenez-Munt, Ivone  ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Torné, Montserrat  ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Afonso, Juan Carlos software
38openAccessVerges_EGU2018-15051.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2018Rift inversion to full collision: intrinsic threshold and characteristicsGrool, A. R.; Ford, Mary; Huismans, R.S.; Vergés, Jaume  ; Christophoul, F.comunicación de congreso
39embargoedAccessMoragas_Basin_Research_postprint.pdf.jpgJul-2019Diagenetic evolution of lower Jurassic platform carbonates flanking the Tazoult salt wall (Central High Atlas, Morocco)Moragas, Mar  ; Baqués, Vinyet ; Travé, A.; Martín-Martín, J. D.; Saura, Eduard ; Messager, G.; Hunt, David; Vergés, Jaume  artículo
40openAccessPeral_EGU2018-5142.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2018Arching a retreating slab: a numerical model of the Gibraltar systemPeral, M. ; Zlotnik, Sergio ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Kumar, Ajay ; Funiciello, Francesca; Faccenna, Claudio; Ruh, Jonas Bruno comunicación de congreso
41openAccessVerges_Journal_of_structural_Geology_124_51.pdf.jpgMay-2019Evolution of the NW Zagros Fold-and-Thrust Belt in Kurdistan Region of Iraq from balanced and restored crustal-scale sections and forward modelingLe Garzic, E.; Vergés, Jaume  ; Sapin, F.; Saura, Eduard ; Meresse, F.; Ringenbach, J.-C.artículo
42closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2007Numerical modelling of tectonic plates subduction using X-FEMZlotnik, Sergio ; Díez, P.; Fernandez, Manel  ; Vergés, Jaume  artículo
43closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2007The structure of the Atlantic-Mediterranean transition zone from the Alboran Sea to the Horseshoe Abyssal Plain (Iberia-Africa plate boundary)Iribarren González, Leire; Vergés, Jaume  ; Camurri, F.; Fullea, J. ; Fernandez, Manel  artículo
44closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2007A rapid method to map the crustal and lithospheric thickness using elevation, geoid anomaly and thermal analysis. Application to the Gibraltar Arc System, Atlas Mountains and adjacent zonesFullea, J. ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Zeyen, H.; Vergés, Jaume  artículo
45openAccessJimenez-Munt_etal._GJI2012_Zagros3D.pdf.jpg20123-D lithospheric structure and regional/residual Bouguer anomalies in the Arabia-Eurasia collision (Iran)Jimenez-Munt, Ivone  ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Saura, Eduard ; Vergés, Jaume  ; García-Castellanos, Daniel  artículo
46closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Syn- to post-rift diapirism and minibasins of the Central High Atlas (Morocco): The changing face of a mountain beltSaura, Eduard ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Martín-Martín, J. D.; Messager, G.; Moragas, Mar  ; Razin, P.; Grélaud, Carine; Joussiaume, Rémi; Malaval, M.; Homke, S. ; Hunt, D.W.artículo
47closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Growth fold controls on carbonate distribution in mixed foreland basins: Insights from the Amiran foreland basin (NW Zagros, Iran) and stratigraphic numerical modellingSaura, Eduard ; Embry, J. C.; Vergés, Jaume  ; Hunt, D.W.; Casciello, Emilio ; Homke, S. artículo
48closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2010Magnetochronology of synorogenic Miocene foreland sediments in the Fars arc of the Zagros Folded Belt (SW Iran)Khadivi, S.; Mouthereau, F.; Vergés, Jaume  ; Lacombe, O.; Khademi, E.; Beamud, Elisabet  ; Melinte-Dobrinescu, M.; Suc, J.-P.; Larrasoaña, Juan C. artículo
49openAccessVerges_etal_GM2011_ZagrosBelt.pdf.jpg2011Crustal-scale cross-sections across the NW Zagros belt: Implications for the Arabian margin reconstructionVergés, Jaume  ; Saura, Eduard ; Casciello, Emilio ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Villaseñor, Antonio  ; Jimenez-Munt, Ivone  ; García-Castellanos, Daniel  artículo
50openAccessJimenez-Munt_etal._JGR2011-MoroccanMargin.pdf.jpg2011Decoupled crust-mantle accommodation of Africa-Eurasia convergence in the NW Moroccan marginJimenez-Munt, Ivone  ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Vergés, Jaume  ; García-Castellanos, Daniel  ; Fullea, J. ; Pérez-Gussinyé, M.; Afonso, Juan Carlos artículo
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