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1closedAccessEmbargo_Gral.pdf.jpgDec-2002Neotectonic modelling of the western part of the Africa–Eurasia plate boundary: from the Mid-Atlantic ridge to AlgeriaJimenez-Munt, Ivone  ; Negredo, Ana M. artículo
2openAccessJimenez-Munt 2001JB001544-1.pdf.jpgJan-2003Active deformation in the Mediterranean from Gibraltar to Anatolia inferred from numerical modeling and geodetic and seismological dataJimenez-Munt, Ivone  ; Sabadini, R.; Gardi, A.; Bianco, G.artículo
3closedAccessEmbargo_Gral.pdf.jpgOct-2001The transition from linear to diffuse plate boundary in the Azores–Gibraltar region: results from a thin-sheet modelJimenez-Munt, Ivone  ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Torné, Montserrat  ; Bird, Peterartículo
4closedAccessJan-2002Environmentally Important Elements in Fly Ashes and Their Leachates of the Power Stations of GreeceGeorgakopoulos, Andreas; Filippidis, Anestis; Kassoli-Fournaraki, Anna; Iordanidis, Andreas; Fernandez-Turiel, J. L.  ; Llorens, J. F.; Gimeno, D.artículo
5closedAccessJan-2003Factors influencing the quality of a surface water supply system: The Ter River, Northeastern SpainFernandez-Turiel, J. L.  ; Gimeno, D.; Rodríguez, José Javier; Carnicero, M.; Valero, F.artículo
6closedAccess2007Groundwater arsenic distribution in South-western UruguayManganelli, A.; Goso, C.; Guerequiz, R.; Fernandez-Turiel, J. L.  ; García-Vallés, M.; Gimeno, D.; Pérez, C.artículo
7closedAccess22-Jun-2008Complejo intrusivo La Majada (Sierras Pampeanas): magmatismo sintectónico en zonas de cizallaCisterna, Clara E.; Córdoba, Graciela del V.; Medina, María E.; Fernandez-Turiel, J. L.  ; Gimeno, D.comunicación de congreso
8closedAccess2008Mineralogical characterization of silica sinters from the El Tatio geothermal field, ChileGarcía-Vallés, M.; Fernandez-Turiel, J. L.  ; Gimeno, D.; Saavedra Alonso, Julio ; Martínez-Manent, S.artículo
9closedAccess2003Spatial and Seasonal Variations of Water Quality in a Mediterranean Catchment: The Llobregat River (NE Spain)Fernandez-Turiel, J. L.  ; Gimeno, D.; Rodríguez, José Javier; Carnicero, M.; Valero, F.artículo
10closedAccess2003Surface-water quality for the Salí River watershed in NW ArgentinaFernandez-Turiel, J. L.  ; Pérez Miranda, C.; Almada, G. H.; Medina, María E.; Riviere, C. A.; Gordillo, M. A.artículo
11closedAccess2001Assessment of a Smelter Impact Area Using Surface Soils and PlantsFernandez-Turiel, J. L.  ; Aceñolaza, Pablo G.; Medina, María E.; Llorens, J. F.; Sardi, F.artículo
12closedAccessJun-2009Archaeometric evidence of trade of leucite-bearing volcanic-made Roman mills of Pompeian style in NE Hispania (Spain)Gimeno, D.; Aulinas, M.; Fernandez-Turiel, J. L.  ; Pugès, Montserrat; Novembre, D.comunicación de congreso
13openAccessNavasA_poster_Chungara-c.pdf.jpgMar-2003The Chungará lake basin: a record of environmental change in the tropical AndesValero-Garcés, Blas L.  ; Sáez, Alberto; Herrera, Christian; Taberner, Conxita; Pueyo Mur, Juan José; Bao, Roberto; Schnurremberger, Doug; Myrbo, Amy; Shapley, Mark; Navas Izquierdo, Ana  ; Delgado Huertas, Antonio ; Moreno Caballud, Ana  póster de congreso
14openAccess6__343_348.pdf.jpgOct-2002Influence of oil facilities in seawater quality: trace element distribution near Kavala, North Aegean Sea (Greece)Georgakopoulos, Andreas; Fernandez-Turiel, J. L.  ; Gimeno, D.comunicación de congreso
15openAccessPapastergios%20et%20al%20(SGEM-2009-pdf).pdf.jpgJun-2009A correlation study of major and trace elements in sediments of River Nestos, Northern Greece and comparison with other fluvial systemsPapastergios, Georgios; Georgakopoulos, Andreas; Fernandez-Turiel, J. L.  ; Gimeno, D.capítulo de libro
16closedAccessSep-2009Field multi-step limestone and MgO passive system to treat acid mine drainage with high metal concentrationsCaraballo, Manuel A.; Rötting, Tobias S.; Macías, Francisco; Ayora, Carlos ; Nieto, José Miguelartículo
17closedAccessFeb-2006Cross-site Comparison of Variability of DOC and Nitrate c–q Hysteresis during the Autumn–winter Period in Three Mediterranean Headwater Streams: A Synthetic ApproachButturini, Andrea ; Gallart Gallego, Francesc ; Latrón, J.; Vázquez, Eusebi; Sabater, Francesc artículo
18closedAccess2000A remote sensing based approach for the restoration of an open-cast coal mine site in SpainLlorens, J. F.; Fernandez-Turiel, J. L.  ; Banninger, Cliff; Almer, A.comunicación de congreso
19openAccessProyecto_AGUA_Tucuman_2001.pdf.jpg19-May-2008Proyecto AGUA - Composición y calidad del agua de la Cuenca Hidrográfica del río Salí, Provincia de Tucumán, ArgentinaPérez Miranda, C.; Almada, G. H.; Riviere, C. A.; Gordillo, M. A.; Fernandez-Turiel, J. L.  ; Medina, María E.libro
20openAccessgarciaruiznaica.pdf.jpgApr-2007Formation of natural gypsum megacrystals in Naica, MexicoGarcía Ruiz, Juan Manuel ; Villasuso, Roberto; Ayora, Carlos ; Canals, Angels; Otalora, Fermínartículo
21openAccessaghv3601a01.pdf.jpg2001Fluid flow processes at basin scaleTravé, A.; Bitzer, K.; Carmona, J. Maríaartículo
22openAccessaghv3702a04.pdf.jpg2002Estructura del cinturón de pliegues y cabalgamientos de Peralta, República DominicanaHernáiz Huerta, P. P.; Pérez-Estaún, Andrés artículo
23openAccessGetPDFServlet.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2000Comparison of Raman-scattering and Shubnikov–de Haas measurements to determine charge density in doped semiconductorsCuscó, Ramón  ; Artús, Lluís  ; Ibáñez Insa, Jordi  ; Blanco, N.; González-Díaz, G.; Rahman, M.; Long, A. R.artículo
24openAccess2009 Artus Proceedings IEEE.pdf.jpgMar-2009Pulsed Laser Melting Effects on Single Crystal Gallium PhosphidePastor, D.; Olea, Javier; Toledano-Luque, M.; Mártil, Ignacio; González-Díaz, G.; Ibáñez Insa, Jordi  ; Cuscó, Ramón  ; Artús, Lluís  artículo
25closedAccessOct-2009Photoexcited carriers and surface recombination velocity in InN epilayers: A Raman scattering studyCuscó, Ramón  ; Ibáñez Insa, Jordi  ; Alarcón-Lladó, Esther ; Artús, Lluís  ; Yamaguchi, T.; Nanishi, Yasushiartículo
26closedAccessFeb-2008Magma flow in dikes from rift zones of the basaltic shield of Tenerife, Canary Islands: Implications for the emplacement of buoyant magmaSoriano, Carles  ; Beamud, Elisabet  ; Garcés, Miguelartículo
27closedAccessJun-2004Degree of Polarization Filter for Frequency-Dependent Signal Enhancement Through Noise SuppressionSchimmel, Martin  ; Gallart Muset, Josep artículo
28closedAccess10-Dec-2009Catastrophic flood of the Mediterranean after the Messinian salinity crisisGarcía-Castellanos, Daniel  ; Estrada, Ferran  ; Jimenez-Munt, Ivone  ; Gorini, Christian; Fernandez, Manel  ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Vicente, Raquel deartículo
29closedAccessJul-2003The use of instantaneous polarization attributes for seismic signal detection and image enhancementSchimmel, Martin  ; Gallart Muset, Josep artículo
30closedAccessDec-2008From Siena to Barcelona: Deciphering colour recipes of Na-rich Mediterranean stained glass windows at the XIII–XIV century transitionGimeno, D.; García-Vallés, M.; Fernandez-Turiel, J. L.  ; Bazzocchi, Flavia; Aulinas, M.; Pugès, Montserrat; Tarozzi, Camillo; Riccardi, Maria Pia; Basso, E.; Fortina, Consuelo; Mendera, M.; Messiga, B.artículo
31closedAccessMay-2007Middle Pleistocene to Holocene geochronology of the River Aguas terrace sequence (Iberian Peninsula): Fluvial response to Mediterranean environmental changeSchulte, Lothar; Julià Brugués, Ramón ; Burjachs, Francesc; Hilgers, Alexandraartículo
32closedAccessOct-2008Modelling Gravitational Instabilities: Slab Break–off and Rayleigh–Taylor DiapirismZlotnik, Sergio ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Díaz, P.; Vergés, Jaume  artículo
33closedAccessFeb-2002Circadian and Ultradian Rhythmicities in Very Premature Neonates Maintained in IncubatorsSchimmel, Martin  ; Waterhouse, J.; Marques, M.D.; Weinert, D.artículo
34closedAccessJul-2008Structural and tectonic evolution of western Cuba fold and thrust beltSaura, Eduard ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Brown, Dennis  ; Lukito, Pujianto; Soriano, Sofía; Torrescusa, Susana; García, Rolando; Sánchez, Jorge R.; Sosa, Carlos; Tenreyro, Rafaelartículo
35closedAccessFeb-2008Effective elastic thickness variations along the Andean margin and their relationship to subduction geometryPérez-Gussinyé, M.; Lowry, A. R.; Morgan, J. Phipps; Tassara, A.artículo
36closedAccessApr-2007Paleoenvironmental evolution of the Pliocene Villarroya Lake, northern Spain, from stable isotopes and trace-element geochemistry of ostracods and molluscsAnadón, Pere ; Utrilla, Rosa  ; Vázquez, Antonio  ; Martín-Rubio, M.; Rodríguez-Lázaro, Julio; Robles, F.artículo
37openAccess2007-Schimmel-IST.pdf.jpgOct-2007Authors’ Reply to Comments on “The Inverse S-Transform in Filters With Time-Frequency Localization”Schimmel, Martin  ; Gallart Muset, Josep artículo
38closedAccess2008Searching for trends of change through exploratory data analysis of time series of remotely sensed images of SW Europe and NW AfricaLobo, Agustín  ; Maisongrande, Philippeartículo
39closedAccessJan-2009Method for the Determination of Pd-Catalyst Residues in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients by Means of High-Energy Polarized-Beam Energy Dispersive X-Ray FluorescenceMarguí, Eva ; Van Meel, K.; Van Grieken, R.; Buendía, A.; Fontàs, Claudia; Hidalgo, M.; Queralt Mitjans, Ignacio artículo
40closedAccessNov-2009Global climate imprint on seismic noiseStutzmann, E.; Schimmel, Martin  ; Patau, G.; Maggi, A.artículo
41closedAccessAug-2009LitMod3D: An interactive 3-D software to model the thermal, compositional, density, seismological, and rheological structure of the lithosphere and sublithospheric upper mantleFullea, J. ; Afonso, Juan Carlos ; Connolly, J. A. D.; Fernandez, Manel  ; García-Castellanos, Daniel  ; Zeyen, H.artículo
42closedAccessJan-2009Dilute (In,Ga)(As,N) thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxy on (100) and non-(100) GaAs substrates: a Raman-scattering studyIbáñez Insa, Jordi  ; Alarcón-Lladó, Esther ; Cuscó, Ramón  ; Artús, Lluís  ; Henini, Mohamed; Hopkinson, Markartículo
43closedAccessJun-2009Late Cretaceous–Paleocene formation of the proto–Zagros foreland basin, Lurestan Province, SW IranHomke, S. ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Serra-Kiel, Josep; Bernaola, Gilen; Sharp, Ian; Garcés, Miguel; Montero-Verdú, Ismael; Karpuz, Ridvan; Goodarzi, Mohammad Hassanartículo
44closedAccessOct-2009Raman scattering study of background electron density in InN: a hydrodynamical approach to the LO-phonon–plasmon coupled modesCuscó, Ramón  ; Alarcón-Lladó, Esther ; Ibáñez Insa, Jordi  ; Yamaguchi, T.; Nanishi, Yasushi; Artús, Lluís  artículo
45closedAccessOct-2009Raman scattering study of cubic GaN and GaMnN epilayers grown by plasma- assisted molecular beam epitaxyAlarcón-Lladó, Esther ; Ibáñez Insa, Jordi  ; Cuscó, Ramón  ; Artús, Lluís  ; Novikov, S. V.; Foxon, C. T.artículo
46closedAccessJan-2008Integrated geophysical-petrological modeling of the lithosphere and sublithospheric upper mantle: Methodology and applicationsAfonso, Juan Carlos ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Ranalli, G.; Griffin, W. L.; Connolly, J. A. D.artículo
47closedAccessAug-2008Seismic reflection imaging over the South Portuguese Zone fold-and-thrust belt, SW IberiaSchmelzbach, C.; Simancas, José Fernando; Juhlin, C.; Carbonell, Ramón  artículo
48closedAccessMay-2007Precise and accurate determination of lead isotope ratios in mining wastes by ICP-QMS as a tool to identify their sourceMarguí, Eva ; Iglesias, Mónica; Hidalgo, M.; Queralt Mitjans, Ignacio artículo
49closedAccessMay-2007Yellow and red ochre pigments from southern Portugal: Elemental composition and characterization by WDXRF and XRDGil, M.; Carvalho, M. L.; Seruya, A.; Candeias, A.E.; Miräo, J.; Queralt Mitjans, Ignacio artículo
50closedAccessMar-2008Lithosphere structure underneath the Tibetan Plateau inferred from elevation, gravity and geoid anomaliesJimenez-Munt, Ivone  ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Platt, John P.artículo
Results 1-50 of 432 (Search time: 0.27 seconds).