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Open Access item Method for obtaining a recombinant proteins and its utilization in the assay for for the african swine pest virus (ASPV)

Authors:López Otín, Carlos
Pérez Freije, José María
Viñuela, Eladio
Keywords:African swine pest virus
Issue Date:27-Jun-1991
Citation:WO 1991/009313 A1
Abstract:The object of the method is the detection of the african swine pest virus by an immuno enzymatic assay wherein the major protein of the virus (p72) is used as antigen, said protein being obtained by expression of the gene which encodes it. The gene was identified by hybridization with oligonucleotide probes derived from structural information of the purified protein. Once its sequence of nucleotides was determined, the gene was inserted in the expression vector pAR3038, to obtain the recombinant plasmid pS72a. Said plasmid was used to transform the strain of E.coli BL21(DE3) which, after induction with IPTG, allowed the high yield production of the recombinant protein p72. The protein was purified by high resolution liquid chromatography and was directly used in antigen-antibody assays with animal serum samples in order to diagnose the disease.
Description:Filing Date: 1990-11-14 -- Priority Data: ES P 8904300 (1989-12-20)
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