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Título : Purification and kinetic characterization of a fructosyltransferase from Aspergillus aculeatus
Autor : Ghazi, Iraj, Fernández Arrojo, Lucía, García-Arellano, Humberto, Ferrer, Manuel, Ballesteros, Antonio, Plou Gasca, Francisco José
Palabras clave : Beta-Fructofuranosidase
Functional Foods
Fecha de publicación : 2007
Editor: Elsevier
Citación : Journal of Biotechnology Volume 128, Issue 1, 30 January 2007, Pages 204–211
Resumen: A fructosyltransferase present in Pectinex Ultra SP-L, a commercial enzyme preparation from Aspergillus aculeatus, was purified to 107-fold and further characterised. The enzyme was a dimeric glycoprotein (20% w/w carbohydrate content) with a molecular mass of around 135 kDa for the dimer. Optimal activity/stability was found in the pH range 5.0-7.0 and at 60ºC. It was stable or slightly activated (up to 1.4-fold) in the presence of reducing agents such as dithiotreitol and 2-mercaptoethanol, and detergents such as sodium dodecylsulphate and Tween 80. The enzyme was able to transfer fructosyl groups from sucrose as donor producing the corresponding series of fructooligosaccharides: 1-kestose, nystose and fructosylnystose. Using sucrose as substrate, the kcat and Km values for transfructosylating activity were 1.62  0.09 104 s-1 and 0.53  0.05 M, whereas for hydrolytic activity the corresponding values were 775  25 s-1 and 27  3 mM. At elevated sucrose concentrations, the fructosyltransferase from A. aculeatus showed a high transferase/hydrolase ratio that confers it a great potential for the industrial production of prebiotic fructooligosaccharides.
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DOI: 10.1016/j.jbiotec.2006.09.017
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