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Open Access item DNA polymerase mu and uses thereof

Authors:Blanco, Luis
Keywords:DNA polymerase, B cell lymphomas
Issue Date:7-Sep-2001
Citation:International Publication Number: WO 2001/064909 A1
Abstract:A novel DNA polymerase (Pol μ) and nucleic acid encoding it is provided from both human and murine sources. Human Pol μ is 494 amino acids long and has about 40 % sequence identity with TdTs from different origins. This novel DNA polymerase has terminal transferase activity, but it is strongly stimulated by the presence of a template strand. In the presence of Mn2+ or Mg2+ ions, Pol μ catalyses a random insertion of deoxynucleotides in front of various template bases. In the presence of Mg2+ ions, Pol μ has a very reduced base discrimination, mainly producing the insertion of A and T in front of a template G. This new enzyme is, therefore, the DNA-dependent DNA polymerase with the lowest value of insertion fidelity, a property that enables Pol μ to be an useful tool in processes oriented to modify the DNA and in the diagnosis of cancer and in particular B cell lymphomas.
Description:Fecha de solicitud: 2001-03-05 -- Fecha de prioridad: 2000-03-03 -- Titulares: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)
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