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Open Access item Teoría de la decisión e incertidumbre: modelos normativos y descriptivos

Authors:Aguiar, Fernando
Keywords:teoría de la decisión, teoría de la racionalidad ecológica., teoría de la racionalidad limitada, modelo del decisor adaptativo
Issue Date:1-Jan-2004
Publisher:Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (España)
Citation:EMPIRIA. Revista de Metodología de Ciencias Sociales. (8), p. 139-160
Abstract:Decisión theory has become an indispensable tool in economics, psychology, political science, sociology and philosophy. However, in spite of its pervasive influence, it is not yet well known among social scientist. In this paper, I present the basics of decisión theory first of all. Then, after explaining the use of some decisión criteria under uncertainty, I discuss the normative properties and the limits of the subjetive expected utility theory (SEU). The limits of SEU models lead US to explore ntw approaches in decisión theory based on Herbert Simon's concept of bounded rationality, such as adaptive decision-maker models and the theory of ecological rationality.
Publisher version (URL):http://e-spacio.uned.es/fez/eserv.php?pid=bibliuned:Empiria-2004-BA384079-87D3-BD53-AED2-BCE23A58A02C&dsID=PDF
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