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Open Access item Secondary bifurcations of hexagonal patterns in a nonlinear optical system: alkali metal vapor in a single-mirror arrangement

Authors:Gomila, Damià
Ackemann, Thorsten
Grosse Westhoff, Edgar
Colet, Pere
Lange, Wulfhard
Keywords:Secondary bifurcations, Patterns, Nonlinear optics
Issue Date:24-Mar-2004
Citation:Physical Review E 69, 036205 (1-12) (2004)
Abstract:Secondary bifurcations of hexagonal patterns are analyzed in a model of a single-mirror arrangement with an alkali metal vapor as the nonlinear medium. A stability analysis of the hexagonal structures is performed numerically. Depending on the wavenumber of the hexagons different instabilities are predicted. Some of them take place at a finite wavenumber and result in the formation of structures with twelve spatial modes. These structures are compared with those observed experimentally.
Description:12 pages.-- PACS nrs.: 89.75.Kd, 42.65.Sf, 47.54.+r, 47.20.Ky.
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