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Open Access item Optimizing Leg Distribution around the Body in Walking Robots

Authors:González de Santos, Pablo
Estremera, Joaquín
García Armada, Elena
Keywords:Energy efficiency, legged locomotion, mobile robots, optimization methods
Issue Date:2005
Abstract:Abstract: Walking-robot technology has reached an advanced stage of development, as has already been demonstrated by a number of real applications. however, further improvement is still needed if walking robots are to compete with traditional vehicles. Some potential improvements could be gained through optimization. Thus, this paper presents a method for distributing the legs around the robot's body such as to reduce the forces the legs must exert to support and propel the robot. The method finds through non-linear optimization techniques the middle leg displacement that nulls the difference between foot forces in a middle leg and a corner leg. A walking robot has been built to assess the theoretical results.
Description:Proceedings of the 2005 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation Barcelona, Spain, April 2005
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