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Título : Right-handed sneutrino as thermal dark matter
Autor : Cerdeño, David G., Muñoz, Carlos, Seto, Osamu
Palabras clave : High Energy Physics - Phenomenology
Fecha de publicación : 18-Jul-2008
Citación : arXiv:0807.3029v1 [hep-ph]
Citación : IFT-UAM/CSIC-08-47
Resumen: We study an extension of the MSSM with a singlet S with coupling SH1H2 in order to solve the μ problem as in the NMSSM, and right-handed neutrinos N with couplings SNN in order to generate dynamically electroweak-scale Majorana masses. We show how in this model a purely right-handed sneutrino can be a viable candidate for cold dark matter in the Universe. Through the direct coupling to the singlet, the sneutrino can not only be thermal relic dark matter but also have a large enough scattering cross section with nuclei to detect it directly in near future, in contrast with most of other right-handed sneutrino dark matter models.
Descripción : 4 pages, 2 figures.
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