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Open Access item ABA- and ethylene-mediated responses in osmotically stressed tomato are regulated by the TSS2 and TOS1 loci

Authors:Rosado, Abel
Amaya, Iraida
Valpuesta, Victoriano
Cuartero, Jesús
Botella, Miguel A.
Borsani, Omar
Keywords:Abscisic acid (ABA), Ethylene production, Osmotic stress, Root growth, Tomato, TOS1, TSS2
Issue Date:26-Jun-2006
Publisher:Oxford University Press
Abstract:The study of mutants impaired in the sensitivity or synthesis of abscisic acid (ABA) has become a powerful tool to analyse the interactions occurring between the ABA and ethylene signalling pathways, with potential to change the traditional view of the role of ABA as just being involved in growth inhibition. The tss2 tomato mutant, which is hypersensitive to NaCl and osmotic stress, shows enhanced growth inhibition in the presence of exogenous ABA.
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