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Closed Access item 2D Array Design based on Fermat Spiral

Authors:Oscar Martínez
Carlos J. Martín
Gregorio Godoy
Luis Gómez-Ullate
Issue Date:2010
Citation:Physics Procedia 3: 399- 406 (2010)
Abstract:The main challenge faced by 3D ultrasonic imaging with 2D array transducer is the large number of elements required to achieve an acceptable level of quality in the images. Therefore, the optimization of the array layout to reduce the number of active elements in the aperture has been a research topic in the last years. Nowadays, CMUT array technology has made viable the production of 2D arrays with larger flexibility on elements size, shape and position. This is opening new options in 2D array design, allowing to revise as viable alternatives others layouts that had been studied in the past, like circular and Archimedes spiral layout. In this work the problem of designing an imaging system array with a diameter of 60 and a limited number of elements using the Fermat spiral layout has been studied. This study has been done for two different numbers of electronic channels (N =128 and N= 256). As summary, a general discussion of the results and the most interesting cases are presented.
Identifiers:doi: doi:10.1016/j.phpro.2010.01.052
issn: 1875-3884
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