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Título : Changes in the composition and structure of Mediterranean rocky-shore communities following a gradient of nutrient enrichment: Descriptive study and test of proposed methods to assess water quality regarding macroalgae.
Autor : Arévalo, Raquel, Pinedo, Susana, Ballesteros, Enric
Palabras clave : European Water Framework Directive
Nutrient enrichment
Biological indicators
Fecha de publicación : 2007
Editor: Elsevier
Citación : Marine Pollution Bulletin 55(1–6) : 104–113 (2007)
Resumen: Changes in the species composition and structure of Mediterranean macroalgal-dominated communities from the upper sublittoral zone are described along agradient of nutrient enrichment coming from a urban sewage outfall. Ulva-dominated communities only appear close to the sewage outfall. Corallina-dominated communities replace ulvacean algae at intermediate levels of nutrient enrichment. Cystoseira-dominated communities thrive in the reference site but already appear at nutrient levels that are threefold higher than those reported from unpolluted sites. Assemblage variability of Cystoseira-dominated communities decreases along the gradient of nutrient enrichment. Methods based on the functional-form groups of macroalgae to assess the waterquality provide equivocal results at intermediate levels of nutrient enrichment because species belonging to the same group can display a completely different response to pollution. Alternatively, methods based on indicator species showed correlated evidence among species abundances and pollution levels and seem to have better performances in waterquality assessment.
Descripción : 10 páginas, 4 tablas, 5 figuras.
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ISSN: 0025-326X
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