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1openAccessCM-P00062443.pdf.jpgOct-1991Top quark mass from radiative corrections to the Z --> bb−− decayBernabéu, José ; Pich, Antonio ; Santamaría, Arcadi artículo
2openAccess199101402.pdf.jpgAug-1991Rare kaon decays in chiral perturbation theoryPich, Antonio comunicación de congreso
3closedAccess22-Mar-1990Vector meson exchange in radiative kaon decays and chiral perturbation theoryEcker, Gerhard; Pich, Antonio ; Rafael, Eduardo deartículo
4openAccess199102227.pdf.jpg1991Hadronic tau-decays and QCDPich, Antonio comunicación de congreso
5closedAccess2-Aug-1990The decay η→π0h0 in two-Higgs-doublet models with a light scalarPrades, Joaquim ; Pich, Antonio artículo
6closedAccessOct-1990Tau physics : present status and future prospectsPich, Antonio comunicación de congreso
7openAccessp4006_1.pdf.jpgOct-1995Constraining new interactions with leptonic τ decaysPich, Antonio ; Silva, Joao P.artículo
8openAccessp7957_1.pdf.jpgApr-1993Order of two-dimensional isotropic dipolar antiferromagnetsPich, Antonio ; Schwab, Félixartículo
9closedAccess1987K → πℓ+ℓ− decays in the effective chiral lagrangian of the standard modelEcker, Gerhard; Pich, Antonio ; Rafael, Eduardo deartículo
10closedAccess1982Muo-production of neutrino pairs and the number of generationsPich, Antonio ; Bernabéu, José artículo
11openAccess1011.5771v1.pdf.jpg25-Feb-2011The vector form factor at the next-to-leading order in 1/N(C): chiral couplings L9(mu) and C88(mu) - C90(mu)Pich, Antonio ; Rosell, Ignasi ; Sanz-Cillero, Juan José artículo
12openAccess0609138v1.pdf.jpg2006Theoretical overview on tau physicsPich, Antonio comunicación de congreso
13openAccess0612154v1.pdf.jpgJul-2007|Vus| and ms from hadronic tau decaysGámiz, Elvira; Jamin, Matthias; Pich, Antonio ; Prades, Joaquim ; Schwab, Félixcomunicación de congreso
14openAccess0110194v2.pdf.jpg12-Apr-2002Light quark masses from scalar sum rulesJamin, Matthias; Oller, José Antonio; Pich, Antonio artículo
15openAccessfulltext.pdf.jpgDec-1985Leptoproduction of neutrino pairs in the nuclear coulomb fieldPich, Antonio ; Bernabéu, José artículo
16openAccess198803165.pdf.jpg19-May-1988QCD duality analysis of B^0---B^0^- mixingPich, Antonio artículo
17openAccesse116012.pdf.jpg2008Determination of the chiral couplings L10 and C87 from semileptonic τ decaysGonzález-Alonso, Martín ; Pich, Antonio ; Prades, Joaquim artículo
18openAccesse094009.pdf.jpg2000Electromagnetic decays of heavy baryonsBañuls Polo, M. Carmen; Pich, Antonio ; Scimemi, Ignazioartículo
19openAccess0305311v1.pdf.jpg13-Jun-2003Meson resonances, large N_c and chiral symmetryCirigliano, Vincenzo; Pich, Antonio ; Ecker, Gerhard; Neufeld, Helmutartículo
20openAccess9810259v1.pdf.jpgMar-1999Bottom quark mass from QCD sum rules for the Upsilon systemJamin, Matthias; Pich, Antonio comunicación de congreso
21openAccess198808555.pdf.jpgApr-1989QCD-duality approach to non-leptonic weak transitions : towards an understanding of the |DELTA.I| = 1/2 rulePich, Antonio comunicación de congreso
22openAccess198811120.pdf.jpg24-Jul-1989The role of resonances in chiral perturbation theoryEcker, Gerhard; Gasser, Jurg; Pich, Antonio ; Rafael, Eduardo deartículo
23openAccesse054014.pdf.jpgJul-2000Hadronic off-shell width of meson resonancesGómez Dumm, D.; Pich, Antonio ; Portolés, Jorge artículo
24openAccess0806.2793v1.pdf.jpgSep-2008Tau Physics: Theory OverviewPich, Antonio comunicación de congreso
25openAccess1010.5217v1.pdf.jpg25-Oct-2010Flavour constraints on multi-Higgs-doublet models: Yukawa alignmentPich, Antonio comunicación de congreso
26openAccess0509301v1.pdf.jpg12-Jan-2006Hadronic decays of the tau lepton: tau -> (3 pion) nu_tau within Resonance Chiral TheoryGómez Dumm, D.; Pich, Antonio ; Portolés, Jorge comunicación de congreso
27openAccess0006045v1.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2000S-wave Kπ scattering in chiral perturbation theory with resonancesJamin, Matthias; Oller, José Antonio; Pich, Antonio artículo
28openAccess9312297.pdf.jpgJun-1994CP violationPich, Antonio comunicación de congreso
29openAccessp2568_1.pdf.jpg2000Strong Enhancement of ɛ′/ɛ through Final State InteractionsPallante, Elisabetta; Pich, Antonio artículo
30openAccess9709441v1.pdf.jpgJul-1998Weak decays, quark mixing and CP violation: Theory overviewPich, Antonio comunicación de congreso
31openAccess199105366.pdf.jpg1991The K0 -−K0B-factor in the QCD-hadronic duality approachPrades, Joaquim ; Domínguez, C. A.; Peñarrocha, J. A. ; Pich, Antonio ; Rafael, Eduardo deartículo
32closedAccess20-Jul-1992Tau polarization at the Z peak from the acollinearity between both τ-decay productsAlemany-Fernández, R.; Rius, Nuria ; Bernabéu, José ; Gómez Cadenas, Juan José ; Pich, Antonio artículo
33openAccess9505231v1.pdf.jpg4-May-1995Quantun ChromodynamicsPich, Antonio comunicación de congreso
34openAccess0310351v2.pdf.jpg2004Isospin Breaking in K -> Pi Pi DecaysCirigliano, Vincenzo; Ecker, Gerhard; Neufeld, Helmut; Pich, Antonio artículo
35openAccess9412274.pdf.jpg1995The standard model of electroweak interactionsPich, Antonio comunicación de congreso
36openAccess9412273v1.pdf.jpgMar-1995QCD predictions for the τ hadronic width: Determination of αs(Mτ^2)Pich, Antonio comunicación de congreso
37openAccess9509253v1.pdf.jpg5-Jan-1996Importance of precision measurements in the tau sectorPich, Antonio comunicación de congreso
38closedAccess15-Jun-1989Chiral lagrangians for massive spin-1 fieldsEcker, Gerhard; Gasser, Jurg; Leutwyler, H.; Pich, Antonio ; Rafael, Eduardo deartículo
39openAccess0309345v1.pdf.jpgJul-2004Phenomenology of the <VVP> Green's function within the resonance chiral theoryRuiz Femenía, Pedro ; Pich, Antonio ; Portolés, Jorge comunicación de congreso
40openAccess0401080v2.pdf.jpg2004Order p^6 chiral couplings from the scalar K Pi form factorJamin, Matthias; Oller, José Antonio; Pich, Antonio artículo
41openAccessCM-P00062441.pdf.jpg15-Jul-1991Four-quark operators and non-leptonic weak transitionsPich, Antonio ; Rafael, Eduardo deartículo
42openAccess199108213.pdf.jpg23-Dec-1991Strong CP-violation in an effective chiral lagrangian approachPich, Antonio ; Rafael, Eduardo deartículo
43openAccessHadron structure.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2010Hadron structure in tau -> KK pi nu(tau) decaysPich, Antonio ; Portolés, Jorge ; Roig, Pablo ; Gómez Dumm, D.artículo
44openAccessoff-shell.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2010Tau -> pi pi pi nu(tau) decays and the a(1)(1260) off-shell width revisitedPich, Antonio ; Portolés, Jorge ; Roig, Pablo ; Gómez Dumm, D.artículo
45openAccesse162001.pdf.jpg17-Oct-2003Isospin violation in epsilon'Cirigliano, Vincenzo; Pich, Antonio ; Ecker, Gerhard; Neufeld, Helmutartículo
46closedAccess29-Apr-1993Semi-inclusive tau decays involving the vector or axial-vector hadronic currentsNarison, Stéphan; Pich, Antonio artículo
47openAccessth-6422-92.pdf.jpg3-Sep-1992Testing QCD with τ decaysDiberder, F. le; Pich, Antonio artículo
48openAccess9701305v1.pdf.jpgSep-1997QCD Tests from Tau DecaysPich, Antonio comunicación de congreso
49openAccessth-6421-92.pdf.jpg23-Jul-1992The perturbative QCD prediction to Rτ revisitedDiberder, F. le; Pich, Antonio artículo
50openAccess9307285v1.pdf.jpg31-Jan-1994Non-leptonic kaon decays and the chiral anomalyEcker, Gerhard; Neufeld, Helmut; Pich, Antonio artículo
Results 1-50 of 197 (Search time: 0.874 seconds).