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Open Access item Changes in Bronze Age metallurgy as depicted by laboratory analysis: The "La Mancha" (Spain) model

Authors:Fernández-Miranda, M.
Fernández-Posse, M. D.
Martín, C.
Montero Ruiz, I.
Rovira, S.
Keywords:Bronze Age, Metallurgy, Copper alloys, Silver, XRF, Metallography
Issue Date:1996
Publisher:Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey
Citation:S. Demirci, A.M. Özer y G.D. Summers (eds): ARCHAEOMETRY 94. 29th International Symposium on Archaeometry. Ankara
Abstract:This paper report on a study of the development of alloying and manufacturing techniques through time and reveals a very late beginning for the use of tin-copper allov at La Mancha during the Bronce Age.
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