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Open Access item Bistability and all-optical switching in semiconductor ring lasers

Authors:Pérez, Toni
Scirè, Alessandro
Van der Sande, Guy
Colet, Pere
Mirasso, Claudio R.
Keywords:Optics, Lasers, ring, Semiconductor lasers, Optical logic
Issue Date:3-Oct-2007
Publisher:Optical Society of America
Citation:Optics Express 15, No 20, 12941-12948 (2007)
Abstract:Semiconductor ring lasers display a variety of dynamical regimes originating from the nonlinear competition between the clockwise and counter-clockwise propagating modes. In particular, for large pumping the system has a bistable regime in which two stationary quasiunidirectional counter-propagating modes coexist. Bistability is induced by cross-gain saturation of the two counter-propagating modes being stronger than the self-saturation and can be used for data storage when the semiconductor ring laser is addressed with an optical pulse. In this work we study the response time when an optical pulse is injected in order to make the system switch from one mode to the counter-propagating one. We also determine the optimal pulse energy to induce switching.
Description:OCIS codes: (140.3560) Lasers, ring; (140.5960) Semiconductor lasers; (200.4660) Optical logic.-- Final full-text version of the paper available at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1364/OE.15.012941.
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