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Closed Access item Use of a three plane model to describe charge properties of some iron-oxides and soil clays

Authors:Madrid, Luis
Díaz Barrientos, Encarnación
Cabrera, Francisco
Arambarri, Pablo de
Issue Date:1983
Publisher:Bioinfo Publications
Citation:Journal of Soil Science 34(1): 57- 67 (1983)
Abstract:The pH-dependence of surface charge density of three iron oxides and the clay fraction of five horizons of a variable-charge soil has been studied by adsorption of potential-determining ions (p.d.i.) and by adsorption of electrolyte ions. The general trend of results for iron oxides can be satisfactorily explained by a model which considers a three-plane distribution of electric potential. When the model is applied to soil clays the outcome is less satisfactory and, although their charge properties seem to be largely determined by their high content of minerals with variable charge surfaces, the presence of minerals with a permanent charge (clay minerals) should be considered when explaining the particular data, even for those horizons where clay minerals are present in low proportions.
Identifiers:doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2389.1983.tb00812.x
issn: 0022-4588
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